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2017-12-11 3:31 PM

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Birmingham, Alabama
Subject: Plantar Fasciitis - Run Trough?
I'm training for a marathon and I've developed a mild case of plantar fasciitis. I've been treating it with ice and massaging my feet regularly, and I've ordered a device that will keep my toes pointing north when I sleep. I plan on going to see the guys at the local running store tonight to see if they have any insoles they'd recommend. Oh, and I'm retiring my Brooks Glycerin's (pair #5) and starting on pair #6.

For those of you who have dealt with this, did you run through it or stop training? Were you happy with the approach you took?

Any other treatments you'd recommend that I try?

2017-12-11 4:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Plantar Fasciitis - Run Trough?
I've had it many times and if I don't rest it, it just gets worse. In fact, I ran through it this fall and eventually after one session just couldn't walk. The pain went from a 3 to 10 in that one run. I limped around for around 1.5-2 weeks before I could even walk normal. I was able to run normal after about 3-4 weeks of rest. It was not fun and this is an injury I've had maybe 10 other times and its never gotten that bad. No idea why it progressed like that but it was not fun at all. While I haven't done this, I really think a sports foot doctor is a good call for these kinds of issues, I don't really trust the local shoe store people...Oh, and running on a treadmill as soon as you notice the pain vs the road can keep it at bay (at least that helps me a lot)
2017-12-11 11:41 PM
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Alturas, California
Subject: RE: Plantar Fasciitis - Run Trough?
You have to not run on it. Stretch daily 2x, ice, massage, etc., but don't push through, it will get worse. You can bike, swim on it, you can walk on it if you do not have pain during or after, you can aquajog, you can eliptical, etc., but it is an injury you can not run on or it will get worse. Now... not running on it can be for 4-6 weeks if you are good about rehabbing it, but if you press it you can drag it out for months and then still have to take your 6 weeks of no running. I know, I thought I could jog walk through it when I came down with PF 2 months before IM, I was wrong. I am back to running 20+ miles a week with no pain, but still am cautious 1 day of rest between each run.
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