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2018-01-24 5:03 AM


Subject: Mobile site vs Main site
I have noticed that the training plan for the 17 week Advanced full ironman distance is completely different on the mobile website and the main website. Am I missing something or mistaken? Is one right and one wrong, or are they both just different? Which one should I follow?

If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated


2018-01-24 7:19 AM
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Subject: RE: Mobile site vs Main site
I just pulled up the plan on my phone and on the site simultaneously.

I noticed that on mobile, it's shifted by a day, possibly taking into account my preferred start day of week for training plans.

Other than that, the first week is identical.

The plan looks a little different once it's imported and you're viewing it in "My Planned Training."
In that case, the days of the week are in chronological order showing the entire week on the mobile app. On the site, it adjusts for what day today is and does not show this week's days that have already passed. (I believe the theory is if you're working on a desktop, you can easily click to different views and look at days you have missed, such as if you switched yesterday's workout with today's and now need to do yesterday's workout) whereas on mobile it's harder to click around, so we display the whole week for you, regardless of today's date.
2018-01-24 7:28 AM
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Subject: RE: Mobile site vs Main site
Thanks very much for clearing that up Alice.

I agree

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