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2018-03-24 8:44 AM


Subject: FTP test question
Hi all,

I have a couple of questions regarding power meter.

1) While doing the 20 min FTP test, do I ride "over-gear", or should I ride at gear which I can maintain at 90rpm since this cadence is what I hope to replicate in race?

2) What should I display on my Garmin during my training and race rides? Average power, raw power, power zone, power-last 3 secs? Currently I'm on raw power and zone but the raw power and zones fluctuates too much.

Thank you, much appreciated.

2018-03-24 9:46 AM
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, New Hampshire
Subject: RE: FTP test question
You should ride in the same gearing as you would in a race. Anticipate that it will take a few tries to get the most out of yourself. FTP tests are brutal! It's very similar to a time trial, and you need to get the pacing down just perfect. Make sure you're not starting to hard and about 10min, you should already starting to feel the pain. 15min and you should start to get cross-eyed, 18min in and you are solidly in the pain zone, here's where mental strength will carry you through. The last 2 minutes are going to be on sheer will-power.

As to the display, I need cadence and 3s power only during my test. I don't want to have the HR and I don't want to know the exact time. I usually have someone to help me with the timing, calling out 5min, 10min, 15min, 18min and that's it. Good music or even better a TV with something that inspires you on helps a lot.
2018-03-24 9:09 PM
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Franklin, TN
Subject: RE: FTP test question
Plus, if you're doing it inside, make sure you've got a good fan or multiple fans blowing on you. I agree, 3 sec power and cadence are about all you need. If you're doing it off of TrainerRoad or Zwift, the program will keep track of the time; otherwise, I would add time as a metric...unless, as mentioned, you have friends keeping track of it for you.
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