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2018-04-07 9:34 PM


Subject: Cervelo p2 vs p3
I’m currently in Aus and looking at a tri bike and can’t decide which would be best to get. Have done a few Olympic distance events but looking to step up to Ironman 70.3 at first and then the goal is an Ironman in the next few years. At the moment I have a Merida scultura 400 which I feel was adequate but not really doing it for me.

So I’m looking at upgrading to a cervelo and can’t decide between the p2 105 for $3900 or the p3 ultegra mechanical for $5400 or the p3 di2 ultegra for $6600. I want to get most bang for buck and also considering which will last longest. I don’t have any race wheels so will need to also purchase a set. Just wondered what people who own one or have tried both bikes would recommend?


2018-04-09 7:45 PM
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Subject: RE: Cervelo p2 vs p3
I’ve always been told the recent P2 and P3 share the same frame. Go with the P2, add some race wheels, and you’ll still be under the cost of the P3 and will have a faster bike. If down the road you want to start upgrading the bike there are quite a few posts floating around the internet about upgrades P2’s. I bought the 105 P2 a couple of years back and absolutely love it, except for the color. Never again will I have a white bike! Anytime I have someone looking for a bike I tell them you can’t really go wrong with the P2 or a Speed Concept. They might not be the most exciting bikes out there, but they are fast and unless you are at the front of the race, your bike won’t be what’s holding you back!
2018-04-10 9:37 AM
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Subject: RE: Cervelo p2 vs p3
Do you know if a Cervelo would be the best fit for you or even a good fit? Upgrading to a bike that’s not optimal to your body isn’t going to do you any favors. But I do like Cervelos and have a P2. Between the two, unless you have the resources and it doesn’t matter I would get the P2. I would wait until the end of the season if in Aus like here in the states you can get a deal on last years model. Take the extra cash after getting fit and upgrade wheels.
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