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2018-04-18 7:52 AM


Subject: Bike Suggestions

I am new to the world of triathlons and will be competing in a few sprint tri's this summer.

I understand having a solid bike will make a pretty big difference when it comes to cycling times. I currently have a commuter hybrid bike and am looking to sell it so that I can buy a road bike that would be (1) good enough to make a big impact to my cycling time but (2) not so nice that I couldn't commute around the city and leave it parked on city streets, etc.. (budget < $1,000). I'd prefer not to own 2 bikes.

Am I out to lunch? Do you guys have any recommendations in terms of bikes to look into?


2018-04-18 2:11 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike Suggestions
Lots of companies have bikes under $1000. Very entry level. My advice is to ride them. Try them out. At that budget level, most important thing is fit and how it feels. Try to get them to throw in a bike fit too
2018-04-19 12:15 PM
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Minnetonka, Minnesota
Subject: RE: Bike Suggestions
Check craigslist, ebay, and things like bike swaps and police auction for deals too!
2018-04-19 4:36 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike Suggestions
I don't have any bike recommendations....
But you are doing this right.
Getting an appropriate bike that suits your immediate needs, and not overspending on something as your needs/wants may or may change if you keep doing this.

I didn't do it right. I probably spent $300-$400 more on my first "road bike" than I needed to.
Which just meant it to took longer to justify spending on my 'next' bike. Of course, 300-400 dollars worth of justification time varies by individual. It wasn't the was the "Why did I spend that extra on my first road bike"....I better accrue a few more gift certificates to the bike shop before I go for my next purchase.

2018-04-20 8:39 AM
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Subject: RE: Bike Suggestions

You can get entry level road bikes <$1000 and they'll make a big difference in performance.  

That kind of roadie is probably 22-24# where your hybrid might be 28#.  

Going from 700Cx32 to 700Cx25 will take you from ~50-60 psi tires to 90+ psi tires.  Much less rolling resistance and much lower rotating mass.  

It sounds like you want to continue commuting, so there are some down sides in the transition.  

Riding position is more streamlined, but that also makes riding in car traffic more...interesting...

Those skinny, high-pressure tires don't grip as well in wet conditions and you're more susceptible to flats since there isn't as much rubber.  

You realize is heresy to not want to own N+1 bikes where N is the number currently owned??   

2018-04-20 10:29 PM
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Subject: RE: Bike Suggestions
You might consider getting a gravel bike and having 2 set of wheels for it (road and gravel- which are a bit thicker). I have a friend that has this set up. I recently bought a Trek Race Shop Limited for $1,000 and am considering setting it up to go both ways as well. I think stock weight is around 18 lbs...

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