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2018-07-09 7:52 AM

Subject: A little boasting, if I don't mind.
I totally broke 2 hours on a race yesterday that I've done several times.
Granted, the weather was perfect in that it's usually fairly hot. And there was no headwind back in to town, which there usually is.
But, I didn't just break 2 hours, I crushed my previous times.

It's more than a sprint....less than an Olympic.

And while I generally don't care about my 'performance' as I do this all for me as most of us do, how do we compare against other racers? (By height....sorry...had to pull a Ty Webb there).

I did look as I generally do. Again, for me it's not how I did against people my's how I did against myself in relation to people my age.

Swim, went great right out of the gate, but was nowhere near my best time as I'm not really swimming "sets" these days...just "swimming:: 3rd out of 20
Bike: 7th out of 20....most days I'd be way more mid pack-y
Run: (predictably 16th out of 20....I am not a runner).

And yet, I'm still happy with my run. I was be under 10 minute miles. Especially considering the paces I've had lately during this heat wave that's finally snapped. I was just over 9 minute miles. Way happy.

10 of 20 in AG
64th of 184 against males
75th out of 290 overall

Statistically, us older dudes (45-49) hold our own!

Also, I beat my 17 year old son by 30 minutes. But, I'm pretty proud of him. He did it. First timer. And like all first timers, he's ready for more. He's still kind of beating himself up for not biking harder, not peeing while in the lake and having to stop later....and not being able to gauge any kind of distance on the run. He had a ton left in the tank and is so positive he could do better that he wants to get out there again.

However, I told him I'm not paying unless he rides the bike a bit more than he did for this...and would actually have to go out and run some.

2018-07-09 8:35 AM
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Aledo, Texas
Subject: RE: A little boasting, if I don't mind.

Way to go to both of you!

2018-07-11 12:30 PM
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Subject: RE: A little boasting, if I don't mind.

Wow congratulations!! That's awesome! You better soak it all up because something tells me your 17 year old son isn't going to get beat by Dad very many more times

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