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Originally posted by brickbd Anyone have any thoughts on this? Experiences, worth it? Past races( yes before the storm)

It is one of the earliest races in the year so lots of the AG competitive and Elite athletes like to go to it to qualify early in the year for whatever it is that they quality for.  When I was living in the Austin area I followed Josh Terwoord  who was living there at the time.  I moved back to Oklahoma in 2015 so Josh's 2015 Puerto Rico race report was one of his last race ports I read.  

I visited Puerto Rico over my Christmas break in 2000 with a fried who had served there for the previous two years as an LDS missionary.  I remember being in Ponce the first week of January and seeing the mercury break 100 deg F.  All of the Island was not that hot.  The east coast and west coast were nice 70 deg weather in January when we were there (but the south coast was HOT).  I haven't done the race, but from what I have heard it is one that people like for various reasons.

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