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2019-08-10 12:00 PM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 08.10.2019 Saturday Training
Word Up,

Like a fool stayed up way too late last night, knew I had a ride this morning.

Got out the door around 8:30 or so and got my 40 miles in. Put two hard climbs in the middle of it and found a new top speed today of 45.5 MPH.

Watching some footie and having an IPA now...

Hope everyone is doing good out there. Be safe and have a great weekend.

2019-08-10 12:13 PM
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Subject: RE: 08.10.2019 Saturday Training
Nice ride this morning ended up with 54 miles. Good bit of hills in the mix.

I hit 41 MPH on a decent, I imagine 45 MPH was fun!
2019-08-12 8:31 AM
in reply to: Parkland

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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 08.10.2019 Saturday Training

I did am 18-mile bike ride followed by a 4-mile brick run. 

I got started at about 12:00 PM and it was about 98 deg F on the run (plus heat index, 108 deg F???).  I started out slow on the bike and got up to my 70.3 race pace about 2 miles into the ride.  Then I did 7 miles at half Iron Race pace followed by a 2-mile rest interval then another 7 miles at half ironman race pace.  

Off the bike, I hit the first two miles right at 70.3 race pace, but then the heart rate went climbed to about my sprint triathlon race pace heart rate so I decided to slow things down to compensate for the heat.  The last two miles were about 20 sec/mi over 70.3 run race pace and but I finished the run with my heart rate where I wanted it to be.  This was a short 90-minute workout.  I have been building up to 3 hours on Saturday morning, but it was a busy Saturday so this was what fit into the schedule. 

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