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2019-08-21 8:29 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 08.21.2019 Wild'N'Wet Wednesday
I love me some 90+% humidity. While the temp was in check, the humidity was wild. Another day of squishy shoes.

7 miles...Let's talk pace. I am not a "racer" often in races I start holding back midway through the bike and holding back most of the run to remain at a comfortable level. I like to race so that I can walk on Tuesdays.

My last 10 miler was at 8:20 pace (hot and sticky)
My fast run in the last month was a 7 miler 7:35 pace
Average hot summer pace is usually around 8:10-8:20 with last mile being the fasted at around 7:55
Last race I shut down the run and finished very comfortable at 8:20 (including two miles under 8:00)

I am not sure what pacing guidelines to aim for at LP 70.3.

Same with Bike.

I am going to throw this into that other thread on pacing, respond there if interested.

Great Day Dudes!!!

2019-08-21 12:18 PM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 08.21.2019 Wild'N'Wet Wednesday

We have the same humidity here.  I think today was the muggiest weather I have run in all year.  It felt like running through a mister.  

I started on my 12-mile run at 5:15 AM this morning.   This time last year I was doing this type of runs at my 70.3 run race pace.  Today I hit the run at about 20 sec/mile slower.  I have been doing lower intensity by longer duration runs.  I have to pace my self to get through the full week's training so I have slowed everything down.  

Hmm?  Pacing?  I am not expert on this.  I have miss paced my fair share of races and I tend to learn how fast I can go based on what didn't work in the past.  

If your fastest 7 mile training runs are at 7:35 min/mi pace then I am guessing that is going to be about where you want you 13.1 run pace to be at for a 70.3 race.  I personally pay attention to my breathing and legs on the run. I run until my breathing starts to get heavy then I slow it down just enough to keep my breathing from getting heavy again.  As for the legs I just want to keep them relaxed and feeling like they are fast but never having to strain or get any burn in them.  

For a 70.3 bike leg you should be 80-85% FTP.  If you can get you FTP on your bike trainer or have a power meter you can work those efforts in training to see how they feel.  I also follow the Heart Rate.  My bike HR is 125-130 BPM.  I don't remember what % that comes out to but I ride by HR outdoors and practice long intervals.  On the indoor trainer, my hard intervals can get up to 140 BPM (i.e. the last of 6x on 120% FTP). pace about 10 BPM under what you max out at on hard VO2max intervals and on the run close to you 7-mile fast work outpace.  Give or take a little but that is a starting point to play with in workouts.

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