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2019-08-22 7:33 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 08.22.2019 Give it a "Tri" Thursday

Crack of stupid today and into the pool at 5:03am for 1600m. Man am I slow...hahaha

Hurried home to start getting kids ready for school, once situated I headed into the dungeon to hit the trainer for an hour, with 3x10:00 in big gear, low cadence. I hate that drill but I understand the value of it.

Back up for breaky with the smallest boy and into the office for an exhilarating day, quality audit with a group from Japan.

Just keep tri'ing.

2019-08-22 8:49 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 08.22.2019 Give it a "Tri" Thursday

5:15 AM - 60 minutes on the bike trainer.  The work out was designed as a recovery workout.   It had 4 x 10' intervals but they were only at 105% FTP instead of the 110% that I have been doing for intervals over 6' long.  The first two felt difficult and like they lasted forever but after I dialed into the level of effort that was required and got past the initial discomfort the momentum carried me through the last two intervals.  The last two intervals felt short and maintainable. 

I did a little bit of big gear work at the beginning of the year in the power-based winter bike training group that marcag set up.  That is about the only big gear work I have done.  All the other bike programs that I have done seem to be a lot more focused on increasing my cadence.  They will have a drill to push my RPM to over 100 RPM during intervals or one drill even pushed the cadence to over 110 RPM.   I need to do more big gear work.  I am not changing anything right now with three races in the next 6 weeks.  I well work some big gear work into the beginning of my training after my month off at the end of the race season. 

Ouch... quality audit with a Japanese delegation.  I hate those.  They say they aren't there to tell you how to do things and that they just read you quality plan and verify that you are following it, but it seems that every time they come they find something they want you to improve with requires a lot of additions to the quality plan and lot of work to change what you have always done to some new plan that is foreign, new, and inevitably more work.      

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