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2019-09-06 9:09 AM

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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: 09.06.2019 Friday Fitness

Good morning BT.  


4:00 AM - 18 mile run.  I did the first 12 miles at Marathon training Pace (i.e. Lactate Threshold pace plus 2-1/2 minutes/mile) and the last 6 miles at Marathons race pace (i.e. Lactate Threshold pace plus 1 minute/mile).  


This has not been a really stellar training week for me so I was happy to have the key work out for the week go well.  I dropped my 70.3 race that was scheduled for the 21st of September and decided to do the Sprint instead.  I was just concerned that I wouldn't swim well at the 70.3 distance and since the goal on the 21st is to race and not to just finish like some of the previous 70.3 have been I went with the safe bet.  So I will have plenty of run volume for the race in two weeks. 


Have a great day.

2019-09-06 9:45 PM
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Subject: RE: 09.06.2019 Friday Fitness
Did a 5k run tonight with progressive splits each 1/4 mile. Finished the last half mile or so just above 5k pace.

This has been a bit of a mish mash training week for me as well. Looking for redemption on my key workouts tomorrow and Sunday.

I haven’t gotten the swim training in for Augusta, but it’s a down current swim so I’m not going to stress too much about it.
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