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2019-09-07 7:25 AM

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Subject: Sunny Saturday 9-7-19
Up early for a 40 mile trainer ride. Mostly Z2 with some Z4-5 sections thrown in to keep it spicy.

I tried out a wahoo kickr for a few weeks but ended up giving it back and stuck with my trusty Kurt Kinetic Rock n Roll fluid trainer. It feels more natural and I love the rocking motion when you get out of the saddle for some low cadence or sprinting.

Happy Saturday all! Good luck to those racing.

2019-09-07 9:39 PM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: Sunny Saturday 9-7-19

I did an outdoor run and brick run at 8:30 AM this morning.  I got an hour on the bike and a 15 minute run.  The ride was mostly Z2.  I pushet it hard up two of the hill and one really fast flat section.  I tried to do the brick run at 70.3 run race pace but I went out about 30 sec/mi too fast so I held the same pace on the way back because I like to practice not slowing down after a settle into a sustainable pace.

I hope everyone racing today did well.

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