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Subject: Advice – Tapering for IM after a month of poor training
Hi there. I am looking for advice on how to taper/train for the last month leading up to a full Ironman (6.10) in Barcelona following quite poor and inconsistent training the last month, mostly due to illness which I have now fully recovered from. My volume the last eight weeks has been:

W1: S 3:00 / B 5:45 / R 2:00 = 10:45
W2: S 4:00 / B 4:30 / R: 1:45 = 10:15
W3: S 3:00 / B: 4:00 / R 2:00 = 9:00
W4: S 2:00 / B 4:30 / R 1:30 = 8:00
W5: S 2:00 / B 0:00 / R 2:30 = 5:30
W6: 1 brick workout (2:30) = 2:30
W7: S 1:00 / B 5:30 / R 1:15 = 7:45
W8: S 1:00 / B 5:00 / R 2:15 = 8:15 – Last week (5h bike and 2:15 run felt good)

Now, as you can see I have simply not been able to put in much volume the last month, last week I did manage a 5h bike ride and a 2:15 run and felt really quite good to be honest.

Prior to this I had been training quite well and consistently IMO since february, following a plan put together from both a book called Be Iron Fit (Don Fink) Going Long (Joe Friel)

My goal at this point is to finish the race in under 12 hours and enjoy the experience.
I‘m 30 years old, 78kg, have done two 70.3 races in the last 6 months

Prior to this I had intended to do a 3 week taper, but now I feel like that would be a complete waste since I currently do not feel fatigued at all.

Can I get away with a short taper, if so how short? Is it a good Idea to do something like a 2w taper for the run, 7-10d for the run and 3-4d for the swim?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Subject: RE: Advice – Tapering for IM after a month of poor training

I have never done the full Ironman distance race, and do not know what the science says is the best plan after poor training for your taper.  I do however have experience with going into a taper period for a race after poor training.  What I did was two weeks of building volume then two weeks of a taper. 

I think that 3-4 week taper are typical for high volume training plans (i.e. 15+ hours per week) for Iron distance races.  The lower your volume is the short taper I think you can get away with (but again am not sure what the science says).  For the 70.3 distance races, I typically do not ease off the training volume until about 10-15 days before a race.  My last hard long run might be 14 days before the race and my last hard long ride might be 10 days before the race.  I know that for longer races the taper period is typically longer but again think that is due to higher training volume requiring a longer taper.  If it were me I would try to build on the fitness/training I did have to the last long run and last long ride. I would not increase any more than 10% a week for those two build weeks from where I was at.  When you are a month out the worse thing you could do would be to do too much.  So...I would do something like W9 S: 1:15, B 5:30, R 2:15, T 9:00 W10 S: 1:30, B 6:00, R 2:15, T:9:45 W11 S: 1:00, B 4:30, R 1:45, T:7:15 W12 S: 1:00, B 2:00, R 1:00, T 4:00 + RACE

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