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Subject: Turkey Tri = First tri
Hi everyone!

New guy here, and after many years of almost signing up for a Triathlon I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for the Turkey Tri in San Dimas, CA. Would love to know if anyone has done that one before?

Also, I think I'm a bit backwards than most and in that I'm a strong swimmer, and weaker runner. I've lost 50 lbs since January so it's a bit easier, but my knees are the worst. Any idea on how to get stronger there (other than just running :-)) Would love to hear it. Distance for the tri is 1/2 mile lake swim (I can currently do 1,000 years in the pool in about 19 minutes), 14 Mile bike, and 4.5 mile run.

The 4.5 mile run scares me the most!

Thanks everyone!

2019-10-09 9:08 PM
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Subject: RE: Turkey Tri = First tri
Welcome! I did a turkey tri once and it was not too competitive. There is always a fun atmosphere around the turkey-themed events. :-) Don't worry if you have to walk.

To improve running, I recommend:
1) Get a gait analysis. You can get a cheap one at a running shoe store that does video of you on a treadmill. Or get an expensive one from a physical therapy place.
2) Read Chi Running
3) Concentrate very hard on feeling what your body is doing. Harder than you think. If you can see your feet in front of you, you are swinging your legs too far forward. If your stomach hurts, you are probably slouching instead of pulling your rib cage up and keep your core tight.
4) Don't always run the same speed. Lots of beginning runners say they have "one speed." Do some very short intervals where you sprint a little. This will help you get a feel for your body mechanics when you have good form. At a slow job, you are usually sloppier and harder on your joints than when you are sprinting and everything is tight.
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