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2019-10-14 9:58 AM

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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: Thanksgiving/Columbus Day Training 10.14.2019

Good morning BT!

6:15 AM - 40 minute (5-1/2 mi, 8.85km) run.

This was my first day back to training since my Marathon a week ago.  The pace was fast and the legs felt great until about 4-1/2 miles into it then I was able to feel the slightest hint of the burn from torn muscles and the slightest desire to ease up on the pace.  I had no problem with the end of the run.  I was just being hypersensitive to how I was feeling this morning so I could plan what to do next in my training.  The plan as of two weeks ago was to take my traditional one month away from training following the Marathon but the marathon was so invigorating that I have been considering doing a small local 15K in 3 weeks to aim for a PR.  The starting line of the 15K is less than a mile from my brother's home but I am not sure if he is going to be able to run it this year.  I could just end my season on a high note and start my one month off now or I could wait until after Thanksgiving to try to get a few more races in while I am peaking.  I guess the fact that I didn't trash my legs in the Marathon and am not forced to take recovery time is a good thing.  I will pretend like I am training for races until I decided differently. 

Enjoy the cooler weather BT.  The summer heat is behind us.

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2019-10-14 9:08 PM
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Subject: RE: Thanksgiving/Columbus Day Training 10.14.2019
First run after a race is always a little dicey.

30’ run for me. 5x1/4 mile repeats at 5k pace with 1/4 recovery in between.

Thank goodness for cooler weather ...and rain!
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