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2019-11-19 8:25 AM

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Cypress, Texas
Subject: 11.19.2019 Tuesday Post your training thread

Good morning BT!

5:45:  50 minutes on the bike trainer.  

It was supposed to be sweet spot intervals but I didn't really try very hard to stay on target so many of these were thread hold intervals.  The lake of paying attention to the target power was largely due to the distractions of the bike not running smoothly.  This was the rd ride since I got the bike back from the bike shop for tuning-up and maintenance.  The fir rides the chain was rubbing on the front derailer so I work on adjusting the high and low limit setting for the front derailer but It seemed that I could either set it two where things rubbed on the highest gear of the lowest gear but I couldn't get both of gearings to not rub.  The 2nd ride did seem to go a bit soother but today it was like something had popped.  the bike was not a smooth ride and made lots of sounds that I didn't like.  So I was distracted.  I am hoping that things are just wearing in and that they will smooth out but am going to have to find more tips on adjusting derailers, chains, and stuff.

My winter training is underway. 

Have a good day.

2019-11-19 8:49 AM
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, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: 11.19.2019 Tuesday Post your training thread
Whoa...Curtis your keyboard has gone wacky...

On this side (Foggy then Sunny, Southern PA) we got 7 miles in with the gear for Saturdays race. Camelback on, shorts, trail shoes, two light weight tops and a pair of ski mitts.

This was also one of the better runs of the year for me. Coming off a super good streak, to be fair.

Weather forecast keeps changing for the weekend, looks like a start temp in the mid 30's with a high of only around 41*, and plenty of RAIN. Sounds perfect for hypothermia, hahahahaaa.

So great to be all of us...go kick some a$$ today.
2019-11-19 7:57 PM
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Subject: RE: 11.19.2019 Tuesday Post your training thread
Nothing worse than a noisy drivetrain on a bike. I’ve sworn off Di2 but have heard folks say that the auto-synchronized shifting is worth the money. It supposedly adjusts the front and rear derailleurs to keep the chain line nice and prevent any rubbing.

Put in 5.3 miles this evening. 2 miles easy to warm up followed by 2x1 miles at 10k race pace with 400m rest between, 1 mile cool down.

Felt nice and controlled throughout the run. Looking forward to racing on December 1st.
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