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2019-11-21 8:46 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 11.21.2019 Thursday
5 miles, goal today was each mile slower than the last. Goal accomplished.
I have found it difficult to slow my speed without being very conscious about it. All of my long runs have been well paced at 8:45-9:00 depending on the target of the day.

Plan for race is 13:00 minute pace for the first 15.5 miles (the AT portion of the race) and then try to earn back some pace through the next 26.2 miles of flat. Try for around 10:00 pace through this section and then hope to keep around 11:30 for the last 8._ miles. If this works out we should come home between 9 1/2-10 hours for the event.

Get a sticker, have a beer and some food, hop the bus back to the start...Go home!

Great sunny day here in Southern PA...enjoy what you got!

2019-11-21 9:19 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 11.21.2019 Thursday

Today was a Bike Day.  I did 55 minutes on the Bike Trainer starting at 6:00 AM.  It consisted of 2 x 20' intervals.  The first one was at 80% FTP and the second one was at 82%.  These were much nicer than the shorter 90% FTP intervals I have been doing. 

Later today will be a 25' recovery run.


Good luck on the race Steve.  I have never done any of these Ultra Marathons.  My brother does 2-3 of them a year.  He just Signed up for the Out Law Ultra Trail Run at Robber's Cave near Wilburton, Oklahoma the middle of February.  It was a 100 miler, but they are adding a 135-mile options so he signed up for the 135mi race.  I see his running paces for these races and know that I would have no idea how to pace something like that.  

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2019-11-21 7:13 PM
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Subject: RE: 11.21.2019 Thursday
Hey gang. 4.3 miles on the treadmill this afternoon. Quite the torture session as I had to endure peppa pig the entire time so the boys would be happy.

Might ride my bike again for the first time in a month or more tomorrow.
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