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2019-12-04 10:48 AM

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Subject: The Diabetic thread

Turned 61 back in August and at my physical learned that I had also become T2 diabetic.  Not surprising, I guess, considering I haven't been south of 300 since 1998.  Completed my only tri in October 2012, The Blueman.  Life, family deaths, and injuries kept me away.  But I am back and planning to complete the Lumberjack Triathlon in August 2020 alongside my younger brother, Jack.

I'd like to reach out to other diabetic triathletes and learn from them.  For instance, sports drinks.  All my life I have used Gatorade during training and the Blueman.  I would like to find a sports drink with some flavor, not just plain water.  But I am adamantly opposed to ingesting artificial sweeteners.  I'm thinking about using a 50% dilution of Gatorade for now.  That way I am getting fluids and electrolytes, and at least reducing the sugar intake.

Are there any other diabetic triathletes here?

2019-12-04 12:05 PM
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Subject: RE: The Diabetic thread
Here is part of my story

It was a write up in triathlon magazine about 3 years ago. It was following an appearance on the French Canadian version of "the Doctors"
It makes it sound like the diabetes is gone. It isn't. It's just under control.

Some of my race reports (I don't do them anymore) have some stuff on half and full distance with diabetes

Generation UCAN is probably the most important product to know about if you have to balance nutrition and blood glucose in tri.

Ping me in PM or here if you have any questions.

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