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2020-01-06 9:28 PM


Subject: First season at it
Hi all!
My name's Joe, I'm 28 years old and live in Queenstown, New Zealand.
I'm new to triathlon, and am in the very privileged position of having a partner who is a very impressive age group racer, with big aspirations, and I have her to thank for getting me into this!

I've really enjoyed training - some on my own, and most with my partner - and can't wait to get into my first race. Like many newbies, I'm very anxious about the swim. I have always been able to swim, but have never been great at it, and certainly not over any sort of distance. i've had a couple of lessons with an instructor recently, which was a good help, but i'm still only at the stage where I'm trying to get comfortable in the pool without getting out of breath after 50m (so frustrating when I'm otherwise pretty fit!)

I feel strong on the bike, and have done a lot of running, and have done a few brick training sessions, so i'm not too worried about those. But i have the opportunity to enter a sprint race this weekend 11/1/20 and I'm very apprehensive.
I've never swam in open water (though planning to fix that this week) and I've never been able to relax in the pool and cover more than 50m confidently.

Any recommendations? I'll continue to do loads of work on my swim, but I'm tempted to just throw myself into it and see what happens. I'm confident I won't drown, but I may be last out of the water by a long way - good motivation to put a strong bike-run together i guess!

Anyway, good to be here! Thanks for having me. You guys seem awesome.

2020-01-07 8:12 PM
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Subject: RE: First season at it
Hello again! I responded to your other thread on the main forum. But as to your question about the sprint: Go for it! You’ll learn more from that one race than you can from hours of training.

Jump in with both feet and who have fun. That’s what this sport is all about anyway.
2020-01-08 12:32 AM
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Subject: RE: First season at it
Hi Parkland!
Thanks for your reply on both threads, really appreciate your advice. I went for an open water swim tonight for the first time and didn't feel at all comfortable. So I'm very apprehensive now about Saturday! My girlfriend is racing so I'll be there to watch if I decide not to race. Anyway, it's all a journey and I'm stoked to be on it - I have a long road ahead with my swim!
Thanks again, and all the best!
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