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2020-02-10 4:20 PM


Subject: First timer from Long Island
Hi BT Folks!!

So glad to have found this website - been lurking for a while and have been learning a ton.

Back in November my son got me to listen to some podcast interviews with David Goggins and I just got totally inspired to stop "going through the motions" during my workouts and to do something special. I'm 53 (married with 3 kids that are all out of or in college) and have some extra time to devote to exercise now.

I recently signed up for a sprint in May (Jersey) and an Olympic in September (Hamptons). I tend to get passionate about stuff and getting into triathlon training has been a thrill. About 5 years ago, I had a clogged artery and had a stent put in - when the procedure was done I asked the Doc if I can still go out and run 10 miles - he told me that he wouldn't recommend I do it the next day, but in a couple weeks that would be fine. My heart was fine and I'm pretty much as good as new. Five years later, most folks have completely forgotten that I went through that procedure, but I think about it every day. Been making a lot of healthier choices now, but still not completely following the AHA recommended diet.

The tri training began in November and has been such a great way to live a healthier lifestyle and stay motivated - especially now that I have 2 dates on my calendar. I really need to get my swimming endurance up - still gassed after 100 yards. I was able to do 10x75 yards this morning, but had to really catch my breath after each 75.

Well - that's my story and so happy to be part of this great community!


2020-02-10 6:37 PM
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Subject: RE: First timer from Long Island
Welcome, Rich!

Glad that all went well with the stent placement and that you are leading a healthier lifestyle. Triathlon is a great way to keep yourself in that lifestyle as well.

Swimming is such a tough sport, especially for adult onset learners. I tried to muscle my way through my first sprint swim and was gassed by the time I made it to the swim exit. I have learned that it is mostly about technique and reducing your drag in the water. Way easier said than done. You can spend weeks working on one thing, but it will pay dividends in the future. Find a pool that has someone who can watch you from the deck and point things out, or join a masters swim club if available.

welcome again and join in on our daily training posts over on the triathlon forum!
2020-02-17 3:24 PM
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East Wenatchee, Washington
Subject: RE: First timer from Long Island
Goggins is the best. Truly inspirational.

Best of luck with your triathlon journey!

2020-06-24 8:55 AM
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Subject: RE: First timer from Long Island
hi there im new here want to say hallo :D
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