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2020-03-25 7:58 AM

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, Pennsylvania
Subject: 03.25.2020 Wide the Wave Wednesday
At least it made me laugh.

Hit the trainer this morning, with the kids out of school I don't have be up at the middle of dark anymore, hopped on the trainer at 6:00am and rode a nice recovery ride. Legs have been taking a lot of abuse lately and I think I heard my right quad thank me when we didn't crank up the intensity together.

1:12 (26 miles)

Have a great day everyone. For those of you stuck in video conference hell...I feel you.

Also, wash your damn hands!

2020-03-25 10:38 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: 03.25.2020 Wide the Wave Wednesday

Hit the trainer this morning. 

The kids are homeschooled.  There is a local homeschool co-op where we get together with other families and offer 9-week courses that are one hour long one day a week each spring and fall.  That was canceled and we were only two weeks into the spring co-op.  My kids are still hard at study though.  There are no snow days, no teacher conference days, no spring breaks, and they don't even get off for Corvid-19 or for Summer Break.  So despite big changes that are affecting most the community life is still fairly normal at the Hale home.

I hopped on the trainer at 6:00 am and rode a nice recovery ride. I had the Southwest Regional Duathlon that was scheduled for this Saturday on my list of tentative races.  It was canceled but I took Monday and Tuesday like a race taper week and decided to do the same today.  If I can get my own Duathlon Course set up this week I will do a Time Trial Duathlon on Saturday. 

Yep...I am stuck in video conference land. 

Note: I canceled the youth running club yesterday and ran a nice easy 5K with my 10-year-old.  She was really stoked to know that she could do a full 5K just in training and said, "I guess if we can't go to races we can just do our own 5K's".  She is definitely my daughter.  I love her to death.  It was a nice day yesterday.  The last 3-4 Tue & Friday Youth Running Club workouts I have done have been in 40 deg F and rain.  Yesterday was 75 deg and sunny.  


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2020-03-25 9:14 PM
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Subject: RE: 03.25.2020 Wide the Wave Wednesday
I’m still full swing out seeing patients. Hospitals are discharging folks like crazy to make room for possible covid patients. We are getting slammed with referrals.

4.5 mile run with 3.25 at tempo. Felt strong, think I need to bump up my paces some.

Stay safe everyone!
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