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2020-05-15 11:34 AM

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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: 05.15.2020 - On the Fence Friday

5:45 AM - 5.25 mile Run. 

So there is a Super Sprint Duathlon that was postponed from several weeks back to tomorrow.  I have never been into duathlons or into super sprints but it is in a town three hours away that my wife wanted to go this weekend.  She bought a herd of Olberhasli Dairy goats from that town and the dairy rations the milking does were on is not available where we live and they were doing better on their previous grain that what we get here.  So....I could leave home at 4:00 AM tomorrow morning to do the race, stock up on goat feed, and be home before noon.  I was waiting for my wife to track down the information on the location of the feed store and the name of the feed she needed and she didn't have it last night.  So I was on the fence about racing.  The truth is that I feel pretty trashed after eight (8) virtual races/on-line races/ Time Trials in March/April/May.  I take a rest day before a time trial, go out and trash my legs then find that I need a few days of recovery.  Then I do it all over again for the next time trial to complete all my virtual races.  I have definitely got off track on training and do feel like I am ready to do another race.    I told my wife last night that if I am racing on Saturday I would do a 4-mile run and if I am not I would do a 6-7 miles run.  So...5.25 mile I am still on the fence.  I guess it will come down to if my wife can find the information on the goat feed she needs.  If I don't do the Duathlon, I will stay home and set up the virtual 5K for my daughters.  I promised them cinnamon raisin beagles at the finish line with lots of cream cheese.  :-)


Have a great weekend BT!  

2020-05-15 4:25 PM
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Clermont, Florida
Subject: RE: 05.15.2020 - On the Fence Friday
30 mile bike ride today, great weather. just did a Focus T25 exercise video. The last one as my gym with the outdoor pool opens up on Monday here in Florida! Yay!

Have a great weekend.
2020-05-16 6:41 AM
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, Pennsylvania
Subject: RE: 05.15.2020 - On the Fence Friday
I got about 25 miles on the bike yesterday. Was my first outdoor ride of the year. Can the wind really be in your face in every direction? hahahaha

Was great to get outside.

Heading out soon for Saturday run.
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