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2020-08-05 9:27 AM

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Cypress, Texas
Subject: 8.5.2020 - Wednesday Workouts

Originally posted by Hot Runner I have a super-secret training plan LOL. ... Today though I did a notably strenuous ride which resulted in my breaking personal records for both 5-second and one-hour power. (Primarily a total of 40, yes, FORTY, 30-second repeats at way above FTP with equal recovery, in 4 sets with a little extra in between). I don't feel like repeating that experience for quite some time, if ever, and don't advise anyone to try it at home... 

Nice work.  I couldn't have done 40 x 30" right now.  I got my first full hour ride with power data on my Blue Triad SL this morning.  The workout was 3 X 12' over-under intervals.  My fit/position was just enough different on this bike that the muscle recruitment around the 360 degs of the pedal stroke was noticeably different when I did quadrant drills.  If I wasn't focusing on the pedal efficiency I wouldn't have noticed the difference, but I did notice that my gluts were sore at the end of the ride.  On the bike I have been riding on, the quads get sore before the gluts. So I will be spending a lot of time in the saddle to get dialed into the new bike.

Have a great day BT!

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