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2020-10-11 10:10 AM

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Subject: Political signs
Observation: In our rural community there are about a dozen houses within 1/4 mile radius. You very often hear people out shooting guns in their backyards. I kinda know the houses that shoot often and the ones that never shoot.

Yesterday I noticed 2 houses had “Biden/Harris” signs in their yards. I also realized that these are two houses that never shoot firearms.

Hmmm. So if I were a criminal and wanted to find guns, I’d skip the houses with Biden/Harris signs. OTOH, if I wanted to rob a house and wanted to avoid getting shot....

If I were to finish that train of thought I’d probably get banned from BT.

Anyway, just an observation. I’m sure there are exceptions.

For the record, I do not have any signs in my yard. Why? Well for one, it’s none of your business who I’m voting for and two, I think it is a waste of cardboard. Maybe if you are running for Dog Catcher you could benefit from the name recognition but “I saw a Trump sign (or Biden sign) and made my decision” said no one ever!

2020-10-11 11:44 AM
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Fort Wayne, IN
Subject: RE: Political signs
I drove from Fort Wayne, Indiana to a suburb of Cleveland. In the rural areas all signs were for Trump. In Pepper Pike, Oh, I would say about 60% Trump. There was one sign that said "everyone sucks, we're screwed 2020."
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