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2020-11-16 1:47 PM

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Subject: Reintroducing myself after a long time

I'm so glad to belong to my old trustworthy BT that I can return to!!! I spent many happy times on this very forum, and logging my multiple begginings ages ago. I even finished sprint 3 in my time.

In the mean time various sites started and stopped running, this time it is Endomondo (that I installed before BT app existed), I have multiple apps on my phone that sync to each other but now I want to return home. I was very happy and motivated using this site, laughed reading hillarious stories, and my oldest data ever is still here. (Thanks to Ron, God bless for all hard work and dedication.)

My current focus is returning to swimming pool while it is still open; doing (at home) simple but very efficient exercises I learned on physiotherapy (I'm postponing this forever); commuting short distances on some old bike I got from my neigbour; walking a bit. My knees aren't happy with running, never were, I need to develop stronger core and leg muscles before even thinking about that.

Now I'm yet to discover how to import my data from Endomondo; and how to sync data from Samsung watch (that I'm contemplating purchasing), if that is possibe. If not live than in weekly batches or something like that. I guess I'll figure out how to export data from Endomondo (once), fitbit (or otoher way around) and Samsung (periodically) to excel and shuffle columns for import to BT.
 I want to streamline jungle of various apps on my phone:
- Endomondo, defunct soon, with my current data since couple of years;  (glanced strava but dissapointed since many activities are missing)
- chronometer (started it becouse it has keto food tracker, but can't really commit to tracking food) (and also another site food related that I forgot the name but dr D'Adamo is managing it);
- Fitbit app that I installed when I was contemplating purchasing fitbit fitness tracker (now I track only weight and BF% there and sync to chronometer);
- Samsung health that I use last couple weeks testing my boyfriends watch 3, contemplating to purchase active 2.

I'm F50+ recovering from stress related ilnesses.

Thank you for still standing here after all those years.

2020-11-17 9:19 AM
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Subject: RE: Reintroducing myself after a long time

Welcome back !!!!

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