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2021-10-14 2:26 AM


Subject: Time crunched 20 year old
Hi there, I’m new to the triathlon world and want to get involved!

All my family take part in events and I enjoy of the different disciplines that make up the sport.

Now obviously some people would question what I mean by “time crunched”, and I appreciate that it can be interpreted in different ways. My situation is as follows; I have 1 hour maximum a day, potentially 2 hours on a Friday, to train. That’s the most possible I can spare a day with work and commitments as well as usual daily tasks.

Some would argue that my situation isn’t bad at all, however 6/7 hours a week doesn’t seem to be a lot to train for triathlons, or am I wrong on this one?

This post is a bit of an “introduce yourself” and also a cry for help on how best I can split my 6/7 hour training week up as best I can to benefit me most.

I appreciate any help advice given, and I can’t wait to learn lots from the community and hopefully be able to help out others in the future.

(Do people connect on Zwift/Garmin connect on this page?)

2021-10-15 3:07 PM
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Subject: RE: Time crunched 20 year old
Hello! Great to meet you!
I think it depends if you want to be fast, or go long, or win your age group, or simply finish the races and have a good time.
It's perfectly reasonable to train for a sprint or an Olympic in those hours, unless you want to win the race.

Also, how close are you to training facilities? Does the hour include the time you have to drive to the pool, change clothes, swim, change back and drive home? Or do you have a pool in your house? ;-) So many variables. But workouts can take a lot of time if there is prep and travel involved, vs heading out the front door to perfect biking and running roads/paths or a good swimming area.
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