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2022-02-04 3:22 PM


Subject: Beginner Triathlete
This site seems like the right place for me

I've wanted to complete a Triathlon for years, but never actually made the effort. I used to run more often, but lower back pain several years ago caused me to stop. I started swimming for fitness a few months ago, which has been no trouble on my back, and biking surprisingly does not bother it. I figure, with two out of three I can probably train my way to running again, so why not make it a goal!

I'm 36yo, 6' and 145lbs, and live in Central CA. I've been lurking around here as I gain more ideas, and I found an Olympic course in May for my goal. I'm thinking of starting one of the training plans on here as time allows.

Hanging around here as already gotten me more excited about doing a Tri, and sent me down plenty of rabbit holes I'm sure I'll be asking questions now that I've joined, but I'm grateful for the community here. Sounds like there's a good chance I'll get hooked after doing one.

2022-02-05 7:08 AM
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Subject: RE: Beginner Triathlete
Hello and welcome! We're glad you're here!

Please ask away (in the Triathlon Talk forum).

Have you found a local triathlon to sign up for? When are you going to register and commit?
2022-02-25 9:43 PM
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Subject: RE: Beginner Triathlete
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