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2022-03-13 7:03 PM


Subject: Hi from newbie!
Hi everybody! I'm Joe and I'm a high school student. I got interested in triathlon quite recently and immediately decided to find a dedicated community and found this amazing place. I will hardly contribute to your forum now, but I hope to do it in future.

2022-03-15 9:41 AM
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McAlester, Oklahoma
Subject: RE: Hi from newbie!

Welcome...Joe.  We all joined this forum and beginner triathletes.  Some of us have been here long enough that we are not beginners anymore and have our experience to share but this is a place where everyone can contribute.  Feel free to ask any questions you have.  We all have been there and value the questions from beginners as well as their excitement and energy as they enter this unique sport.

2022-03-16 1:54 PM
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Subject: RE: Hi from newbie!
Thank you! I hope that I'll also follow this path and become the experienced community member, having enough experience to share it.
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