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2022-05-10 9:50 AM

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Columbus, Ohio
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Subject: Learning to ride with tiny mirror
The older I get, the more I'm willing to sacrifice aerodynamics and looks for safety.
So I got myself one of those tiny mirrors that mounts to my sunglasses.
It has a bunch of pivot points and is very adjustable, but no matter what I do it seems I'm looking at my own shoulder.
In order to see the road, I have to move my head. Is this normal?
Also the setup I need changes if I'm in the brake hoods vs the aero bars, it seems like.

I'll keep experimenting. It was definitely better than nothing, and I could see the road behind me and I could make out cars. It's a bit hard to train my left eye to discern what is in the mirror, because my right eye is also open and my left eye is straining toward the outer edge of where it can see in order to look in the mirror. If I move it in more, I am just looking at my shoulder. And I'm not even a broad-shouldered individual. I think I must be doing something wrong since there are lots of people with bigger shoulders than me who seem to use these successfully.

2022-05-10 4:03 PM
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Subject: RE: Learning to ride with tiny mirror

I had one of those a long time ago (2006’ish). 

Yes, setup changes depending on riding position. All things equal, you’ll probably see the sky in Aero when you see behind you on the hoods. 

Just like your rear/side view mirrors on your car, it’s intended to require a dedicated look, so you shouldn’t be trying to watch it AND ahead at the same time. It takes practice to scan with eye movement rather than chase it as your head moves. 

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