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2007-09-20 12:11 PM

Atlanta, GA
Subject: Ford Ironman World Championship
Well, folks, bib numbers are up. I guess that means it's real, and it's time to start the thread. Is everyone in? Plans?

I'm Josh - Josh Berman, from Atlanta - Bib #1214. I'm flying into Kona a week from Wednesday after a layover in Honolulu the night before. I'm staying with the Australian contingent at the Kona Islander Inn. I'll be updating my blog at http://www.ironmensch.comregularly, and BT as internet access allows. As a lucky lottery winner, this is my first trip to Kona and my first IM attempt. I'll be fighting the cutoffs for the right to 'brag the rest of my life'.

Add your details when you get a chance. Let's show these pros what the 'beginners' are capable of!

2007-09-20 10:28 PM
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Royersford, PA
Subject: RE: Ford Ironman World Championship
Hey Josh. I sent my bike off to Kona today and will be following it in a few weeks. Can't come up too early cause I am only allowed to take the kids out of school 10 days. So a week before to be a nervious wreck and a week after to party like a rock star. I'm a lottery winner as well but I did do IMFL last year, but this course has hills. See you in a few weeks.

#1164 Andrew Rosebrook Royersford PA USA

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