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Mardi Gras Marathon - RunMarathon

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New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
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Pre-race routine:

Started coming down with what I belive is the flu on Thursday, so my "pre-race" was take some meds, get some liquid in me and hope for the best. I even packed a little DayQuil for the run. (Not a good thing)
Event warmup:

Walked about 1/2mile from the hotel to the Superdome. It was a great morning and the temp was perfect. I had on my running shorts, shirt and a toss away sweatshirt and felt fine.
  • 2h 21m 22s
  • 13.1 miles
  • 10m 47s  min/mile

Well we started and I felt good. The run down Burbon street kinda sucked, it had about 5000 people running down a narrow street that still had an occasional car parked on it and it was in the first few miles where everyone is jammed together. Of course there where a few drunks still out to cheer us on in the early miles of the course. For the first 4-5 miles I was OK, not great but OK. I think we held under 10 minute miles. The only thing I was noticing was how cold I was. Now let me say I am not normally one who gets cold when I run, I dress correctly for the weather and had done so, but I was frezzing. As the miles passed so did my energy, I started getting tired and my cough was making its presecne know. I was starting to have trouble with my breathing because of the hacking cough. My wife kept telling me to bail at the half and not make my self any sicker than I all ready was.
It is a hard thing to do when you put so much time into pre-paring to run a marathon. I began around mile 8 thinking maybe I should just do the half. I was cold, coughing and feeling run down. I hate to have to quit. I think it was around mile 10 I made up my mind that I was going to stop, Jill kissed me goodbye, and once I made up my mind to stop at the half, I was mentally and physically sick. I hate having to not finish a race. We had decent miles till I said to hell with it and started walking, I was just coughing to much to run.
Of course for the finsh I ran, but felt horrible for crossing the half-marathon finsish line with a marathon number on. I know it is no big deal. I finished at the same time the guy who won the marathon did, so I did get to see him finish.
As soon as I crossed the line, I took off my race number, and luckily found my sweatshirt that I had on earlier. I got some water found a place to sit and just sat and sat. I was down on myself for not finishing.
As I sat there I did not warm up for about an hour. I was so thank ful for that old sweatshirt and the fact I had some Halls with me.I debated in my mind to run another marathon again or not, of course I will give it another shot, it just suck to be sick.
I had a couple of hours to kill before Jill and my friends would finish there marathon, so I just sat and drank water and gatorade, which made me realize(later that day) of how de-hydrated all the meds I had been taking had made me.
I got to see my wife finish her first marathon in 4:42:00, she did great.
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Event comments:

Another good race, they had many more runner this year than in the last that I have done.

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2008-02-27 11:34 AM

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Extreme Veteran
Williamsburg, Virginia
Subject: Mardi Gras Marathon

2008-02-27 3:27 PM
in reply to: #1238943

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Subject: RE: Mardi Gras Marathon
What a huge disappointment for you!  I'm so sorry... On that not though, the fact that you made it 13.1 with the flu is pretty amazing.  It impresses the hell out of me, alot of people would have not even started.  Your a stud dude, good job!
2008-02-28 8:19 AM
in reply to: #1238943

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Virginia Beach, VA
Subject: RE: Mardi Gras Marathon
Sorry you had a tough race. Give yourself credit for giving it your all and being able to finish the half. I know from experience it's no fun to race when you're sick. Congrats to your wife on her first marathon and a great finishing time.
2008-02-28 8:35 AM
in reply to: #1238943

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Williamsburg, VA
Subject: RE: Mardi Gras Marathon
So sorry that you had to do the race sick.  Glad that you got to at least finish the half. You are so strong for being able to do that.  I'm very impressed, YOU ROCK!! And tell your wife congrats for me!
2008-02-28 11:25 AM
in reply to: #1238943

Newmarket, Suffolk
Subject: RE: Mardi Gras Marathon
I'm so sorry that you had to have such a crappy race! Pretty impressive that you finished the half being so sick! I know how much it sucks to end up not finishing after all the training it takes to get to the marathon and being so well prepared to have something so far out of your control turn a day you thought was going to be awesome into a disappointment.  But there will be other marathons, and other chances-- just get better! :-) And tell Jill congrats on her first :-)
2008-02-29 8:12 PM
in reply to: #1238943

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Subject: RE: Mardi Gras Marathon
That must have been such a tough decision, but it sounds like you made the right one.

2008-03-05 1:41 PM
in reply to: #1238943

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Subject: RE: Mardi Gras Marathon
Wow. What a bummer that you got so sick!! BUT there is NO SHAME in only completeing the half!!!  Running that half was more than most people do on their BEST day, and you did it while you were sick!!!  Stopping was the best idea.  If you had done the whole thing your immune system would have been so tapped you would have gotten really sick and taken longer to pull out of it!!!  Just sucky timing in that it hit you right when you had this race planned.  You're still a stud to me!
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