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2008-05-10 2:24 AM


Subject: need advice about swimming workout.


Ihave already introduce myself as a post in this forum. As a summary I am new in triathlon trainining. 40 y/o men, no important sports backround. I am a cardiologist from Izmir Turkey. 5 years ago I have given up smoking and started to run regularly. Since then I have been running at least 3-4 times in aweek, totaly mean 15-20 miles/week. Last year I finished 2 half marathon officialy (one of them was in Nashville TN, other was in Istanbul) with 1.50 minutes.  Last year I started to swim in 25 yard pool, 2 times in a week, mean 2000-3000 yards in each swimming workout. My long distance pace for swim 2 or 2.15 minutes for 100 meter. All in freestyle and without stop. I start to swimm and without stopping swim 1 hour or a little bit less than 1 hour. I did not get any type of proffesional help.

I need some advices to improve my swimming pace. Do I need to change my workout style?

Thanks in advance.

2008-05-10 6:19 AM
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Fairport, NY
Subject: RE: need advice about swimming workout.
It sounds like you would benefit most from working on your form/technique. A few lessons with a good coach could do wonders. I was in a similar position and 2 lessons from a coach followed by a couple of sessions with friends who are very good swimmers paid off in big way.
2008-05-10 7:01 AM
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Binghamton, NY
Subject: RE: need advice about swimming workout.

Congrats on your accomplishments! Trading in smoking for running is huge!! It sounds like you are on the right track with your swimming. As Mike said, having a coach or swimmer look at your stroke and perhaps getting a video of yourself swimming to help you apply any tips would be very beneficial.

Since you seem to have a good base I would suggest to work some intervals in to your workouts. Instead of swimming for an hour strait try a workout like this:

10 minute warm-up - Do whatever you want for this
8 x 50 Drills with :15 rest interval - Focus on keeping your stroke long and smooth
5 x 100 @ 2:45 - Try to make each one a little faster than the last
6 x 50 @ 1:30 - Swim these at a faster pace than the 100's
10 minute cool down to relax

The training plans on the site give some good workouts to mix things up. I would only suggest doing 1 hr swims every couple weeks.

Good luck and keep up the great work!! 

2009-02-23 10:51 PM
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Bangalore, Karnataka
Subject: RE: need advice about swimming workout.
Sorry to hijack your old post but am travelling to istanbul and wondering about the local cycling scene.. can you give me some tips - want to hire a bike and go around the city one day...

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