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2008-06-13 7:25 AM

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Subject: Back of knee pain ?
I get a pain in the back, or inside, of the knee right where the calf and knee
meets. Only after I run or bike. Not during. Mostly it feels a bit loose or unstable for a few days as if it will hyper extend at any moment. Not real painful but a nagging soreness. It goes away after 2-3 days.

I've taken some time off and did the RICE thing, but as soon as I go back (slowly) after a session of biking or running it comes back.

Is anyone familiar with this or have this same problem?

2008-06-21 2:09 PM
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Subject: RE: Back of knee pain ?
I have this EXACT same problem, he told me it was tendinitis, but I also think there is something else wrong. I'm in the process of switching to a sports medicine doctor and getting some real answers. I love my GP but I think I need a more specific doctor who can tell me whats really wrong.
2008-09-03 3:38 PM
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Subject: RE: Back of knee pain ?

I have had exactly the same problem for the last two weeks. Doesn't start hurting until after the run. Just been to the Physiotherapist, who tells me it's a calf muscle strain. And because it's right at the top of the muscle, where it stablises the knee, you get the pain around and behind the knee.

He gave it some very deep massage, says to stretch it at least 3 times a day, don't run for a week, and go back for 2 more visits next week. Hope it works OK.

 I also checked out the net, and appears it is a "grade one" calf strain.

Hope this helps.


Calf Muscle Strain Signs & Symptoms

With a grade one Calf strain the signs may not be present until after the activity is over. There may be a sensation of cramp or tightness and a slight feeling of pain when the muscles are stretched or contracted.

2008-09-04 4:14 PM
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Sunny Southern Cal
Subject: RE: Back of knee pain ?
I'd have your knee checked out.  Sounds kind of like my symptoms with a slight tear to my meniscus.  But who knows?  An orthopedic specialist could probably tell you.  Something else to consider -- since I've been aquajogging, my knee feels much more solid.  Pain gone, no instability.  I just have to be careful with what I do (like not punting a football to my kids).  Oh yeah, make sure your bike seat isn't too high.

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2008-09-04 4:50 PM
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Woodland, California
Subject: RE: Back of knee pain ?

I had a similar problem earlier this year, pain after the run in the back of my knee.  It started when I ramped up my mileage way too quickly for a half marathon in January.  I never found out what it was, but I did make it go away by cutting way, WAY back on my running mileage from Feb-April.  I was down to sometimes less than 10 miles per week, no runs over 4 miles.  I raced a few times anyway (undertrained) but the pain gradually went away, and by June I was able to start slowly adding the miles again.

2008-09-06 3:39 PM
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Westchester, NY
Subject: RE: Back of knee pain ?
i had the same problem for a few weeks .. it didnt actually hurt in the knee, just the back area near the top of the calf.. I had it stretched and massaged out.. it was just a function of my legs getting used to new running shoes.. and now, I'm fine-ish.. the pain is gone, but then again, I use a foam roller after every run to allow my legs to "heal"..

so dont worry about the inside of your knee - you would have weird swelling with problems inside - and get it stretched, massaged and check to see if you need new runners

2008-09-08 1:56 PM
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Guelph, Ontario
Subject: RE: Back of knee pain ?
I have just come up the other day with a knee problem and I'm not sure if it is related to your topic. I did a 13 K run on Sunday. The farthest I have done to date. Before that I had once run 10 k adn in my tri's this year the farthest distance is 7 k. I felt great during the run and had no leg or knee issues at all. After getting back and of course getting cleaned up I sat down in my recliner to rest a bit. When I tried to get up about a half hour later I had a shooting pain on the outside of my left knee. I almost fell down the pain was so severe. I had to sit down and massage my knee for a bit before I could even stand. As I hobbled around it eased up until there was almost no pain. Then each time I stopped moving it would start to seize up again. Had a terrible sleep as I woke up everytime I turned over. This morning when I went for my swim it was acting up again and I realized that I was really only kicking with my right leg.
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