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Rochester, Washington
United States
Total Time = 5h 25m
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Pre-race routine:

Drove 1 hour 45 minutes to start....
Drank a fortify drink, venti latte and uncrustable - should have done the cliff bar too.
Event warmup:

Stretched the legs from the drive. Walked around the parking lot.
  • 5h 25m
  • 26.8 miles
  • 12m 08s  min/mile

This is almost two race reports in one. Since this was my SECOND marathon in 14 days one can't help but compare the experiences. It's not a fair comparison as ...we are talking NIGHT and DAY and how appropriate for a Halloween tale. started the in March when my girlfriends talked me into signing up for the Nike Women's marathon lottery. I was training for Ironman Canada...and thought well, the marathon is AFTER IM and maybe we won't get in...Yeah Right. Yes, in 50 days after Ironman I was going to do a Marathon.

Marathon # 1 - Ironman Canada - August 30, 2009.
Marathon #2 - Nike Women's Marathon - October 18, 2009

Numbering the marathons leads to thinking which can be a problem.
I was thinking I would become a Half Fanatic, which is a group of folks who are fanatical about half marathons. So to meet the criteria for a half fanatic, I signed up for a 1/2 Marathon for Halloween - October 31. Well, I must have thought too much or didn't get enough oxygen to my head as a week prior I decided I had two Marathons done...if I switched and did the Halloween run as a Marathon, I could qualify to be a Marathon Maniac. (see more information). Yes, it's another check box, but oh so much more at least in our warped brains :)! I figured, now was the time. I am in shape, feeling good, not training for anything 'big' what the heck?!?!? What's another 26.2 miles in a matter of 2 weeks.

Talk about different experiences... I will take IM off the table that is just plain SPECIAL and so different and shouldn't be compared to ANYTHING.

Here's a little of the comparison....Nike to Frightfest....

Nike Women Marathon/Half --------over 20,000 participants.
Frightfest Marathon/Footraces ----- less than 30 participants

Nike - took 15 minutes to get to the start line....we were packed like sardines, darkness in the city.
Frightfest the 'slower' folks started an hour early....and we wandered to the start line. Smiled at one another, laughed a bit...then the race director..said..ok are you ready. We cheered a bit...and at EXACTLY 9:30 we were off. I was smiling and laughing as I couldn't help but think about Nike.

Nike - lots of cheering, sights of the beautiful city of San Francisco, cow bells, fog, bands, people, timing chips, fireman handing out medals, full finish line activities...
Frightfest - green farm lands, mist off the ground, local families volunteering at aid stations not knowing how far a marathon actually was, barking dogs running back and forth along their fence lines, rain, sun, hail, serve yourself chili, asking for your medal and getting a trophy.

Priceless! Both fabulous experiences and experiences I wouldn't trade.

More about my Frightfest experience.....

Like I said the start was too too funny. I knew it was going to be a small race, but you forget after Ironman and Nike what a 'small' race is like. Chalk marks marked the miles and small orange cones marked the turn around...oh yea, no one is checking on you....if you cut it live with that no one else does. The morning was lovely....well at least for the first 5 miles - the first turn around. Then the heavens opened up and it just DUMPED...I mean really dumped! I had decided to bring my sunglasses at the last minute as I had chatted with a fellow racer right before the start and we both figured they'd be good to he passed me after the turn around we both laughed and said guess we didn't need them after all. Boy, I was SOAKED. My phone/ipod was nicely snug in a heavy duty ziploc bag. I just kept telling myself, I could stop at my car at mile 10 to change my shirt. Oh the chafing and blistering I am going to get....uggggg. Why am I doing this again?!?! Oh yeah, because I can and it is fun to push yourself and buck up, you love this!

I caught up to two other folks doing the marathon and passed them. The gentleman are fast. Yeah, that's why we all started an hour early - fast is relative! They were chatting away and I did think about joining them, but then I while I can and then in the end if I need company...I could join them. I actually figured with my run/walk we would leap frog but we didn't.

Mile 7 or so it dried up and the sun came out, whew...that made a world of difference. About this time the aid stations were being set up. The race director had told us 'slower' folks we could start early to ensure we would finish in the 6 hour time limit, but that the aid stations would not be set up until the official start. That was fine with me..and my family fuel belt! This is also when the race course was crowded....HAHA if you call 30 folks crowded. It was fun cheering everyone on. SMILES all around, cause you know everyone really wants to be out here. There were a few costumes - surgeon, witch, guy with a black stuffed cat on his head...and of course me in my fancy pants!

Mile 10, passed the start/finish line...ran over to the 'clock' lady to see if I needed to check in - she looked at me like I was crazy - apparently it's the honor system. So, headed out for a 1.4 mile dog ear out and back. Peaceful road again. There was a little hill. Fast folks were passing me. Saw my earlier starters coming back after the turn around. Sunglasses guy and I were both now wearing our sunglasses, figured we brought them might as well use them.

Then it was 13.1 miles back at the nice warm hall and the start/finish line....popped in and used the bathroom (note these were the ONLY bathrooms on the course). Hurried along to get back out there and do my second 1/2 marathon. I was right on time...almost EXACTLY the same 1/2 marathon time as SF...except I wasn't wasting time today taking pictures...but I was soaking it ALL in.....

The weather was very actually got hot...and I was all dried out. About mile 17/18 I was going through those thoughts of this probably wasn't my best idea and that I was tired. I was feeling a be nauseous, but not too bad. I thought there was no way I wasn't going to finish this I don't feel that such it up and sing along with the ipod and keep moving forward.

I got to an aid station of a mom, dad and little girl. They were cute. They asked me if I was running the marathon and if they would see me again. Yep, I the time I came back mom was the only one left. A bit about the aid stations, they were GREAT. They remind me sometimes during races we are spoiled. In this race...there was may 1 or 2 people there. They had Gatorade and water....but you needed to stand there and drink otherwise you'd be carrying your cup! no trash bags other than at that one little card table! They were ON top of it too. Mind you remember there are less than 30 racers, and even less's raining of f and on and it's cold if you aren't moving, but they were out there. They waited in their cars then when they saw you...they were ready to give you what you needed. AMAZING! If they missed you coming in, they hurried and apologized...for you! Bless the volunteers!!

Rain came again, and it came pretty steadily from mile 19 on....we again pass the start/finish line and warm hall....oh to be done...almost, just keep moving ahead! You have it! You are going to finish and you will be a maniac, I just know it.

About mile ipod plays.....
I can see clearly now the rain has gone....
I can see all obstacles in my way...
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind...
it's gonna a bright bright sunshiny day.

I think I can make it now the pain is gone.......

and it really was the RAIN really did least for that song. It did which is why I remember it so well. I truly laughed and sang along.

Then at mile 26...the rain came again...and I passed a dude in a chair waiting for the runners for the duathalon and realized...they run a as I passed the dude I knew I had 1/2 mile left, but my watch had me over 26.2....SHITTTTT....and ipod playlist had played it's last song.

My gosh...running over 26.2 miles, no only have yourself
You will DO IT....Get to that finish line!!!! Feel the GLORY.....

Push through those last few steps!

Man, that was just awesome! Done -
So as a reminder - pick your races carefully, know why you are doing them and what you want out it. For this is the type of race you need to know why you are doing it cause there is no one there to pull you across except you and the love of accomplishment and running.

Marathon # 1 - Ironman Canada - August 30, 2009. - 6 hours 15 minutes
Marathon #2 - Nike Women's Marathon - October 18, 2009 - 5 hours 9 minutes
Marathon # 3 - Frightfest - Marathon - October 31, 2009 - 5 hours 25 minutes

Set your sights on it and you can do it! You don't have to be fast, just put the time in and be inspired to do your best.

My favorite sayings of 2009 -
Ann Sloan - 'You are an Ironman'
Ann Sloan - "Welcome To The Marathon Maniacs InSane AsyLum!!!! - Maniac #1908.

Post race
Warm down:

Walking around the parking lot. Went into the one except to teenagers were there - changed clothes then had some chili. yum.
Talked with two other runners who came in....then cheered the guy who was last. He was funny he said...I was last. I said ..who cares - you finished before 6 hours. We all got trophies and a medal.

Event comments:

very fun.

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2009-11-01 6:04 PM

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North Bend, WA
Subject: Frightfest Marathon, Half-marathon, Footraces & Duathlon

2009-11-01 8:54 PM
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Bellingham, Washington
Subject: RE: Frightfest Marathon, Half-marathon, Footraces & Duathlon
at away MANIAC......!!!!!
2009-11-01 9:05 PM
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Subject: RE: Frightfest Marathon, Half-marathon, Footraces & Duathlon

Thank you Ann.  On days like today, I really cherish my friends who know how to "carpe diem".  Not another day is guaranteed, so live today to the fullest.  Love you lots.

2009-11-01 10:42 PM
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North Bend, WA
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Thanks's you folks who help me be inspired!

2009-11-02 6:42 AM
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Subject: RE: Frightfest Marathon, Half-marathon, Footraces & Duathlon
Very INSPIRING Ann!  Awesome job!
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