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2010-06-14 10:56 AM
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Urbandale, IA
Subject: RE: Hy-Vee Triathlon : Official Thread
I had my GPS on my bike.  12.9 miles - so yeah - about 1/2 mile longer - plus the bike trail thing just stinks.  I took the "no passing" rule at it's word and sat behind a couple of people that were "Sunday Riding". 
I thought the swim was long too - not to mention the fact that my wave and the wave behind me were very aggressive and my broken finger either got kicked or hit someone in the head/shoulder/back at least 14 times.  I actually stopped 3 times to re-gather myself and decide if I should go on knowing that I could really damage the finger. 
Lucky for me - I went almost last wave (second set of 40-44 Males) and so the first lightning strike was about half mile into my run.  I basically did the uphill portion of the run in a monsoon directly pointed at my head.  The downhill was nice though.  The section of the road out of the park that was a two way street me and another guy were running in ankle deep water.  The second lightning struck and he said "are we supposed to get off the course?".  I said, if they want me off after all of this, they're going to have to arrest me."  He said - "Well, they'll have to arrest two of us then."  I left him in the last mile, but waited for him after the finish.  Good guy. 
BTW - have I mentioned how much I hate the fact that there is an uneven crack every 8 feet on that bike course.  Well - take a pinky finger surgically repaired two weeks ago and multiply that hatred by some power of 30 or so.  It was a tough day for me. 

2010-06-14 11:31 AM
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Subject: RE: Hy-Vee Triathlon : Official Thread
I agree with you. I didn't do well in the swim but I had a similiar swim in Brooklyn and averaged around a 1:55/ 100- here I was well over 2:00- maybe closer to 2:30/200- it was embarassing.

I thought the bike was long too but didn't keep the numbers up. Like a lot of you said- it could have been the bike path. I thought I would be around 22-23 mph for the bike- did a 21.1.

The run I am not sure about it- I felt like I had a good run and the nice downhills helped. Knowing I would be running through a crowd and trying to catch a few people also helped me as well. I am guessing the run was pretty close.

Interesting race- told myself I would never do it again but I bet it is one heck of Oly- the sprint sort of stunk though. What can you do though?
2010-06-14 12:27 PM
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Subject: RE: Hy-Vee Triathlon : Official Thread
I had a blast!  Yes, disappointed at the shortened course as I was part of a relay and would have actually done the whole thing if I had known it would be a sprint.  The weather stunk but what can you do?  I am fortunate that I live about 5 minutes from the venue so I felt really sorry for those that had traveled and spent $$$ on hotels, etc.  Also the kids stuff wasn't set up and I just ended up telling my husband and kids to stay home.  My relay team mates did the same.

We got a ton of goodies!  I was really impressed with the backpack, shirt, glasses, etc at check-in but where I really cleaned up was post race:-)  I have kids snacks for a week or two as well as new water bottles, ibuprofen, etc!!!!!  I was disappointed in my bike split but after reading here about eveyrone's comments maybe I rode longer thatn 12.4 which cheers me up about my time.  Anyways, definitely a blast and will do it again.

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2010-06-14 1:49 PM
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2010-06-14 9:18 PM
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Davenport, IA
Subject: RE: Hy-Vee Triathlon : Official Thread
As much as I've complained about the changes in the race, I will say that it was definitely a good thing that they shortened it, had we been out there any later we would really have been hammered by that storm.  It was also nice to get to see some of my friends again...although I missed some others.  By the way JD, you know those bottles you reminded me to grab?  Yeah...sorry about leaving them in the fridge.  See you this weekend.
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