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Triple Lakes Trail Race - Run

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Greensboro, North Carolina
United States
Total Time = 4h 35m 16s
Overall Rank = 58/105
Age Group = F40-49
Age Group Rank = 3/7
Pre-race routine:

Drove to Greensboro the night before and stayed at the Hampton which also allowed me to pick up my race packet the night before and to do a re-con of the race site. Glad I decided to do this rather than driving the hour and a half on race morning. Had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, half a banana, and coffee for breakfast.
Event warmup:

It was a chilly morning so just tried to keep my pants and long sleeve overshirt on as long as I could before the start. Then after I took them off I discovered a building that was open with severl runners inside keeping warm. That was nice! There was even a bathroom in there for the last minute necessities.
  • 4h 35m 16s
  • 26.2 miles
  • 10m 31s  min/mile

I'm doing 3 marathons in 4 weeks and this was the first of the three so I really wanted to take it easy today. It was chilly before the race started but once we got going it quickly warmed up to what for me was perfect running temps. It got to the high 70s by time we finished but that's OK for me.

Running the first 10+ miles I thought over and over to myself what a perfect day. Weather was perfect, the trail was awesome, just the right amount of runners, there was not one thing I would have rather been doing.

Between miles 2&3 we looped back around by where we started. My glasses were really bothering me so I detoured back up to the start area and left them. When I detoured off the course I started to look at my watch so I could track how much time I cost myself then I reminded myself that this is a training run, it's a trail run, and I shouldn't even be looking at the clock. Once I got back on course I started running with a guy I had chatted with before the race. He was doing the 40miler. We ran together for several miles and had good conversation at a nice comfortable pace for both of us. After a while a young husband/wife couple joined us and we all ran together until mile 11+ where our 40mile partner split off. Continued on with the young couple until mile 13 where I stopped for a pee break. She was a trail runner but he was a road racer and did not like trail. I talked to them at the finish line and he was avidly complaining that he was dehydrated because the support on the course was terrible. He expected volunteers to hand him his water cup as he came through the aid stations and was very upset because they didn't. He probably also thought there should have been aid stations every mile. He needs to stick to road racing. Just hope he doesn't spoil the trails for his wife cuz while I was running with them, she was enjoying it as much as I was. I'll mention here that I thought the run was wonderfully supported. Aid stations were well placed for a trail run and all volunteers were polite, helpful, and happy.
Probably about miles 15/16 (I can never remember after the race) I went through a rough spell. The trail had turned much more technical, my energy level was sapped, and my legs were extremely tight and heavy. They were very unhappy customers. I kept reminding myself of the big picture and that this was a training run. Take what the day gives you and learn from it. Between miles 20&21 I came back to life and started feeling really good again. Mentally I felt great, my energy level was back, the legs felt like they'd run 20 miles of trail but they didn't hurt like they had previously. So I started to try to re-establish some pace. The trail was also starting to smooth out again and I was ready to finish this thing strong. Unfortunately, my right hip flexor had ideas of it's own. Like it did not want to play. It wasn't going to hurt me, it just was done working for the day. Mile 22 I fell twice. It was actually kind of funny because I passed a guy who was still running but very slowly. Shortly after passing him the trail curved. He came around the curve to find me laying in the middle of the trail. I assured him I was fine, dusted myself off, and continued on. Not 500 yards later the exact same thing happened. This time I fell a bit harder. Once again, he rounds the bend to find me laying in the middle of the trail. He helped me up and this time I decided to run behind him for a bit and keep the pace down. That didn't work for too long cuz he was just running too slow and I was feeling great. I felt great but my right hip flexor just would not lift my right leg so I was catching my foot on every root. It was rather frustrating. I got to a section that was flat and smooth so I decided to try to open it up a bit which actually helped stretch it out and I thought I was going to be good. Just when I thought things were peachy, Bam, I went down hard. I had just passed a girl who was walking. She came along and helped me up. This time I really just needed to sit for a minute and collect myself but another guy who had been running just a bit behind me for several miles came up and he joined her in getting me up and gathering my stuff again. This fall left me nauseous. I didn't hit my head, it was just a hard fall. Caught myself with my right hand. The soft tissue at the base of my thumb is twice its normal size and very blue at this point. I was finally able to walk off this fall and started running again.
Got to the 24 mile marker and was feeling pretty good again. I could hear what had to be the finish line. Didn't remember seening a late loop on the course map that would add on a couple of miles at the end but I'm not much good at reading maps and don't usually pay that much attention to them. Came out on a road which I had to cross and there were spectators standing there. I commented about hearing the finish line and they said "Yeah you're almost there". I said "I still have about a mile and a half to go don't I?" I thought they responded that was correct but pointed me off towards the course marking and told me to run a lap around the pond. I'm thinking this is TOTALLY CRUEL. I basically ran right past the finish arch but in the opposite direction and I'm running around this pond in what is now direct hot sun, on grass (which is a surface I hate), and I'm wondering where in heck they're going to take us to get another 1+ miles in. We just went around the pond and back up to the finish line. What? I swear the last mile marker I seen was 24 and that it was less than 10 minutes before I finished.

Couple of things I did well today:
1. Moved through the aid stations extremely well. Filled my water, maybe grabbed a couple of pretzels and was outta there.
2. When I hit the tough spell, I stayed in the moment, worked my way through it and came out of it feeling good. Didn't let it ruin my whole day.

Results show me as 58th overall, however, 10 of the 57 ahead of me were relay teams. I even beat some of the relays....
What would you do differently?:

I pretty much ran this whole course. Walked a few of the very short steeper sections during my rough spell but other than that I ran the whole thing (other than after the third fall).
Maybe if I had walked some of the earlier ascents I wouldn't have struggled with the hip later in the race?
Post race
Warm down:

Finished the race, changed into dry clothes and enjoyed myself chatting with several people I had run with throughout the day.
Had a bagel with peanut butter, they had run out of pizza but had a fresh delivery made so I grabbed a slice while it lasted. I confess I drank three diet cokes.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

Spend more time running single track in training.

Had a tough week at work leading into this race. Missed two runs after not missing a workout for a couple of months and have slept horribly. For the two nights prior to the race I tossed and turned all night thinking about work. Pleased to say that I only thought about the work issue for two quick periods during the run. But did go to work immediately after leaving the race site.

Event comments:

I would definately come back and do this race again. Other than the mis-measurement of the course it was very well done. Got a nice pink embroidered polo-type shirt for my AG placing.

Last updated: 2010-09-19 12:00 AM
04:35:16 | 26.2 miles | 10m 31s  min/mile
Age Group: 3/7
Overall: 0/105
Performance: Good
Course: Course was almost all single track trail. Quite rooty but this is North Carolina trail running. First 11+ miles the marathoners and 40 milers ran together then the courses split. 1st half of the course was great. 2nd half got a bit more technical where the trail wasn't quite as nice and there were a few steeper climbs. Overall, I would consider this a relatively easy trail course. The big question about the course was how long was it? We don't expect trail races to be measured with great accuracy but this course was obviuosly short. My best guess would be slightly over 24.5 maybe. There were supposed to be mile markers posted at every mile and since Garmins aren't always accurate in the woods (which can be very frustrating) I opted to go with the course markings and skip the Garmin today. In retrospect, I wish I'd worn it. You know how you always snicker when your non-running friends and family say 'So how far was this marathon?'. Today we had a bunch of marathoners asking the same question. The best part about it was no one really cared. Trail and ultra running is such a different atmosphere. It's rather refreshing to me.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Just right
Post race
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Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
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Nice well
Done. Soundslile the start to a great couple of weeks.
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Congrats- that is a great performance!

Recover well

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