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2011-01-16 3:37 AM

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Subject: Kota Kinabalu info?

Not directly tri-related but.....I'm attending a conference in late March in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for three days.  I also have four days of vacation prior to the conference to play around in the area.  Wondering about: 

1. Open-water swimming?  Doable? It appears there is a beach.  Anyone tried it? Anything I should know about currents? Jellyfish or other critters? Local customs that might disapprove of me getting in in my surf shirt and longer tri-shorts (what I usually wear for OWS in Vietnam)?

2. Running: Possible? Anywhere nice?  I'm not compulsive about training on vacation but do so when possible if it's fun or interesting!

3. Other excursions in the area that are doable in 3-4 days?  I like kayaking (not white-water, just the row row row your boat kind), non-technical climbing, trekking, and photograpy. Not much of a beach (unless actually swimming) or shopping girl, unless it's really intriguing local markets. Hate sitting in cars and buses.

Thanks in advance for any info!

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