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2011-10-05 10:57 PM

Subject: expresso bike
Was recently in a gym which had  a stationary (I hate stationary bikes) expresso bike (no relation to the drink machine).  It was kind of fun with the monitor and even a bit challenging though clunky at times (I used spd bike cleats). Anyone ever use this kind of machine for any kind of training?

2011-10-06 6:39 AM
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Middle River, Maryland
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Subject: RE: expresso bike

Yes, it's the training bike they have at the Y, and since I hate riding in cold weather and don't (currently) have a trainer, that's what I've used the past two years.  Since I started tracking my training on BT in January, I've logged almost 30 hours and 530 miles.

The nice thing about these bikes is you can monitor and track your progress in power, and I think it's at least "in the ballpark" accurate to a real power meter (as opposed to some of the ridiculous readings you'll get from things like ProForm or Cybex bikes).  You can at least track your progress over time.

You can also modify your seat position fore and aft, unlike most electronic bikes. 

The courses are pretty cool and break up the monotony somewhat...the longest ride I've put into one of these was about 80 minutes.  Some of the courses have crazy elevation changes that don't very well mimic outdoor riding, so I stick to the flatter courses (like Fruitdale or Quicksilver), or longer ones with steadier climbs (like Pyramid Mountain). 

You can also upload your workouts to an Expresso account and view it online.

2011-10-06 10:07 AM
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Wallingford, CT
Subject: RE: expresso bike
I discovered the Expresso bike a few years ago in my gym here at work... I thought it was neat how you can play games on it and it was very realistic. Took my mind off of "working out".

I kept using it while I was nervous about attending my first spin class. I started out by writing down my times and power levels (watts) for each course I did... And got faster and faster.. My power went from 187 watts avg on my first course to 235 watts avg within a couple months (that course was called Outlaw Rock). And I chopped off 5 minutes off that course time.

This bike gave me the inspiration to push hard on the bikes and in my workouts... I eventually got into that spin class and could go as hard as I wanted to in the class. My mountain biking and road biking endurance shot up tremendously too.

So, go for it! Do what works for you... I think the lack of a flywheel that carries your pedals/feel is a good thing. If you slow down, the bike just about stops, unlike a spin bike that keeps the momentum and your feel going.
2011-10-06 12:17 PM
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Subject: RE: expresso bike

Yeah- my gym has one too.  I've had a good time with it.  I find that I change my cadence to one that maximizes my average power for the expresso bike, which tends to be a much slower cadence than I normally cycle at.  So- I worry that it might be training me the wrong way.

However- the courses are fun, and it makes the indoor days a little more interesting.  I like the spinning bike better for a workout tho'.

2011-10-06 1:30 PM
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Woodbridge , Virginia
Subject: RE: expresso bike
i enjoy using them.. me and some other training partners use them to race one another.. on the tough courses.. or we do a king on the mountain kind of thing if we aren't racing head to head..

good addition to the gym..
2024-03-08 10:06 PM
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Subject: RE: expresso bike
Hey if anybody here is interested in owning one, my GF's dad is looking to get rid of his barely used one.

Let me know!

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