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2012-03-20 6:35 AM

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Subject: Cadence Cycling up for sale

For those of you not in the general Philly area, Cadence is one of the more high-end shops. They coach and train the USMC Triathlon team, for example. They are currently owned by Jay Snider, who owns Spectacor and his dad founded Comcast SportsNet, which owns the Wachovia Center, the Flyers, 76'ers, etc. I bought my Cervelo R3 from Cadence, but they recently are no longer a Cervelo dealer. IMO they are a bit elitist, and I am much happier with my new LBS.

I received this email yesterday, thought I'd share it as it's kind of odd to see someone like this reaching out to the customer base.

From: Jay Snider - Owner of Cadence Cycling & Multisport Centers []
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 9:34 AM
Subject: A Letter from Cadence Owner, Jay Snider



To my extended Cadence family:

I have decided, after 8 rewarding years, that it is the time for me to sell Cadence. This has been a difficult decision because I have a deep passion for Cadence and what we stand for. I am at my happiest when I am in the Center, talking to you, and sharing the joy that cycling and triathlon brings to our lives.

The reason that I have decided to sell is because of geography, plain and simple. I have lived in California for the last 5 years and that has made my ongoing involvement increasingly difficult. A small, local business like Cadence needs and deserves local ownership. Although I am on the phone with our leadership team several times each week, it is not the same as being on site.

I am writing this letter to our customers because I am hopeful that one or more of you may be interested in carrying on the tradition. I can think of nothing better than one of our own taking over the mantle.

Meanwhile we continue to reinvest to make your home away from home an even better place. We are renovating the services area to create more retail space for accessories and a third mechanic's stand, and we are renovating upstairs to freshen up the training space and add space to display all of our bikes. Speaking of bikes, we have bolstered our lineup with the addition of Fuji to our road lineup and are making a big commitment to Mountain biking with Cannondale, Orbea and now Yeti too.

That's not all we have been busy with. You will notice that we have a brand new website, and are standing behind our customers with guarantees unparalleled in the industry. If you are not aware of the all the new programs be sure to give us a call.

I want to thank you for your support over these last 8 years and hope that you like all the positive changes. Meanwhile if you have some interest in discussing a purchase of Cadence please give me a call.

Thank you and safe riding,




2012-03-20 9:23 AM
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Subject: RE: Cadence Cycling up for sale

I just got the same email from my tri club.  I took one of their indoor classes, which was good, but I have to agree that they were very high end and expensive.  However, this is an expensive sport (triathlon, and cycling) and they were not too outlandish compaired to other shops.  I do take my stuff to another shop because of the cost.

That being said, I hope they can find a buyer and stay open.  We need more good shops in the Philly area, not less.  And any place that promotes the sport like Cadence does is alright with me. 

2012-03-20 10:09 AM
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Subject: RE: Cadence Cycling up for sale
Interesting.  I'm supposed to use them as my drop off and pickup for IMCDA with tribike transport.  Hopefully there is no fly in the ointment with that...
2012-03-20 11:48 AM
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Malvern, PA
Subject: RE: Cadence Cycling up for sale


I was never there, but apparently they used to also have a huge upscale store in Manhattan, which kinda went down the tubes when the stock market took a dive back in 2007.

2012-03-20 12:58 PM
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Subject: RE: Cadence Cycling up for sale
A Jonathan Edwards songs keeps going through my mind...
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