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Deuces Wild - Olympic - TriathlonOlympic

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Show Low, Arizona
United States
90F / 32C
Total Time = 3h 41m 4s
Overall Rank = 149/166
Age Group = W25-29
Age Group Rank = 8/8
Pre-race routine:

Zac and I left work early on Thursday afternoon and headed up to Show Low, AZ early to get a good camping spot at Fool Hollow Lake. We arrived at about 7pm and found the same campsite as the one we camped in last year. We had all day on Friday to relax and get everything ready for Saturday’s races. I wanted to pre-drive the Olympic bike course to see how hilly it was going to be. It looked like there was a lot of downhills at the beginning, and 2 large climbs after the halfway point. At least now I knew where they were and how long the climbs would be. On our way back to the campsite we stopped at K-mart so that I could make a “Go Tucson Tri Girls!” poster to hang up at our campsite, since we were right on the run course for the Olympic and Deuceman courses. That took me longer than expected, mostly because the TTG sun logo isn’t the easiest thing in the world to draw. That night I had a dinner of plain pasta, and went to bed early.

The next morning I got up early, even though my race didn’t start until around 8am or so. I got all of my bike bottles ready and loaded on the bike, and stuffed the rest of my race gear into my TYR bag that they gave us at the race. I put BodyGlide everywhere that I have ever chafed in the past in the hopes that I would avoid it this race. With everything loaded up I rode my tri bike around the lake to the race start, and Zac followed me on his mountain bike. I found a spot in amongst some bikes to rack my bike, and set up my transition area. I visited with some fellow Tri Girls while waiting for the last Deuceman swimmer to come out of the lake. We were then allowed to go down to the water to warm-up.

Event warmup:

It was pretty chilly when I first got into the lake and got wet, but after the water got into the wetsuit and I started to move around it felt better. I had gotten used to the warmer lake temperatures and hadn’t swam in cold water like this for a few months. I followed a few other people and swam for a few minutes, then headed back to the dock. I decided to stay in the water and keep moving to keep my wetsuit from draining of the insulating water layer. The first group of white caps went, then the men’s green cap group went. Finally it was our turn (the pink caps) to get ready. I slipped around the corner of the dock and found myself at the front of the group. But I just stayed to the side and eventually the center of the group pushed forward to where I was now in the middle.
  • 39m 16s
  • 1640 yards
  • 02m 23s / 100 yards

The gun went off and the whitewater began. I kept my head up for the first few yards until the group had thinned out a bit, then was able to put my head down and start swimming for real. I followed the group for the first bit before loosing track of everyone. But by that point I could see the first Dorito chip buoy for the first turn. For this first leg I was swallowing way too much water, and was having a tough time breathing at the increased elevation than what I’m used to. It always feels like one of my lungs was left down in Tucson or something. About half way to the next Dorito chip I started getting nauseous, and I figured it was from all of the air in my stomach. I stopped for a few seconds and went vertical to have gravity help with the air. After I burped and got the air out I was able to keep going. It was probably better to stop then and get rid of the air before the air bubble got bigger and brought breakfast with it. A few minutes later I felt much better and was able to swim pretty well. At that point I saw another pink cap as she was rounding the Dorito chip. We ended up staying with each other for the remainder of the race. I also saw a white cap and a few green caps out there as we swam by. On the last leg the sun was in my eyes as I breathed on my left side, which is my dominant side. I tried to breathe on my right, but my left goggle had a bit of water in it at that point that made breathing on that side annoying. So I decided to just deal with the sun and keep going.

I finally saw the last group of buoys that brought us into the dock. The pink cap girl was still with me, but taking a different line in. She was heading off to the left but I went in straight towards the dock. I was able to come in from the swim a bit ahead, and waited until I could feel the dock with my hands before standing up. I did a quick check of my watch and I was slow by about 4 minutes, but I figure that was probably due to elevation. The elevation difference always seems to affect my swim the most.

What would you do differently?:

Bring an extra set of lungs.
Transition 1
  • 02m 57s

I got the top of my wetsuit peeled off and used the wetsuit strippers to help with the bottom half. With my wetsuit off I climbed the hill to the transition area and got my swim stuff off and bike stuff on. I grabbed my bike and shoved it under the transition bar, but my rear water bottle on the rear rack below the seat fell off, so I lost some time trying to grab it before it rolled down the hill. I got past the timing mats and mounted my bike, and was on my way. I was so glad to be on my bike and done with the swim.
What would you do differently?:

Either move the rear bottle rack lower, or remove it completely! Still, with this slight mishap, I was 4th fastest in T1 in my AG.
  • 1h 35m 36s
  • 24.85 miles
  • 15.60 mile/hr

I was prepared for the hills and was glad that I had the wider ratio gearing on the bike. This gave me 2 gears higher and one gear lower than what came on the bike stock for the hills. Zac had lubed my chain the night before, which was a good thing because I was doing a ton of shifting. For the most part I tried to keep my legs spinning instead of mashing the pedals on the uphills, and only had to stand up a few times. The downhills were a little freaky, but I stayed down in my aerobars and stayed focused on the road to look for hazards. I’ve crashed a motorcycle at speeds ranging from 30 to 75mph in roadracing on the track, so biking above 30mph always makes me a bit weary as I feel naked without a leather suit. I tried to look for anything that might snag my wheels and send me over the bars on the downhills, and luckily was able to avoid everything.

On the climb up the 77 I saw quite a few people on the side of the road with flat tires. I was hoping I wouldn’t flat here, as it would be hard to get going again on the climb. I slowly climbed along in my lowest gear just trying to make it to the top. I came up on a guy in a blue shirt who was behind a gal on the climb. For most of the climb I stayed behind him, as I knew I couldn’t pass him in the 15 seconds required. But somewhere towards the top the slope of the hill changed because my legs started spinning faster, even though we were still climbing. I took this as a chance to pass, and was finally at the top. The next downhill was fun, and I tried to carry as much momentum as possible up the next hill. I made it to the top, and enjoyed the next bit of flat ground as we headed back to town.

As I approached the park I could see several Deuceman runners on the course. I yelled for each of them as I went by on my bike. The last little bit of road was pretty rough, and I was hoping I wouldn’t pinch flat with only a few miles left to go. I made it through the rough stuff and turned in to the recreation area. The bike ride, my favorite part, was over.

What would you do differently?:

Train more on a hilly bike course.
Transition 2
  • 01m 37s

I came into T2, but was unable to do my usual bike dismount because my foot got caught up on my rear bottle. I really need to do something about this rear bottle setup because it screwed up a lot of things up in the transitions this race. So I had to stop and step off of my bike. I didn’t hear the timing mat beep, so I was worried that it didn’t get my time logged. But I kept going. I got my bike stuff off and put my run stuff on and headed out onto the run course.
What would you do differently?:

Same as T1. Stupid bottle rack! 3rd fastest in T2 in my AG. Screw tris...I'm just going to do transitions. :)
  • 1h 21m 37s
  • 6.21 miles
  • 13m 08s  min/mile

I forced myself to push at the beginning of the run because I knew that I was going to fade towards the end. The run course began on the dirt trail that went around the lake. I was able to run for most of it except a small part where we crossed a rocky wash. I didn’t want to fall there, so I walked that little bit. After that we climbed up towards the campground and entered the camping area. We had lots of campers to cheer for us as we ran along. I made it to the aid station right by our campsite and they had these wonderful sponges to wet the racers down. I had them douse me with the sponges as I continued on. I opened up my gel pack and took a bite, but it was hot from sitting in the sun in the transition area. Blech! That was gross. I chugged down water from the bottle I was carrying and stuck the foul little foil packet back in my rear pocket. The drippy gel had managed to get all over my hands, so I did my best to rinse them with my bottle as I ran. I really hate sticky hands because the sticky gets everywhere after that.

I ran along the campground loop and came up to our campsite. I waved at our camp neighbors, who had asked me about the race the day before. I got to tell them all about triathlons and the race, and they said they’d cheer for me as I ran by. Sure enough they saw me and cheered. I saw my “Go Tucson Tri Girls!” poster and was glad it was still up. Then I saw Zac next to our camper. “I made you a sign!” he yelled, and there in the window of our RV was the extra piece of poster board with “Go Elaine…love Zac” on it. I couldn’t yell back because I almost started crying. Again, emotions going all wacky during races. So instead I waved to him and continued on.

Most of the campground part of the course was on concrete, and I don’t usually run on concrete, so my knees were feeling it. I made it to the dirt road, and was glad I was finally back on dirt. This was the out and back section, so there were a lot of racers to see. I saw a lot of Tri Girls out on the course, which was really cool. What wasn’t cool was the hills that we had to climb. They weren’t much, but my legs still weren’t happy. I made it to the turnaround, and faced a nice breeze and a downhill. What a difference a slight downhill makes! At this point I could feel my energy waning, so I forced down a few Cliff Blocs. They were warm too, but at least I was able to get them down, unlike the gel. Mentally, I was just trying to get myself to Mile 5 because I knew that was a downhill. I was back on the concrete at this point, and my knees were aching. Even the blacktop was better feeling to run on. I got to the last aid station, and was on my way to the finish line. The only problem was one last stinkin’ hill in the way. I had to walk this part, but tried to do it quickly so that I didn’t get into a walking rhythm. At the top I resumed a jog and slowly made it to the finish chute. I spent the last of my energy speeding up and going as fast as I could to the finish. I finished about 10 minutes slower than the Tempe Oly, but I figure that was mostly due to the elevation and hilly course. I got some water, and a wonderful volunteer handed me a popsicle. I sat down in the shade of a ramada and enjoyed my blissful popsicle like a 7 year old. It was the best tasting popsicle ever!

What would you do differently?:

Train to run on hills more. Run better. I suck soooo bad at running!
Post race
Warm down:

I visited with a few more Tri Girls, then picked up my stuff in the transition area. At this point I could really notice how hot it was and wanted to get back to camp. My hammock was waiting for me in the shade, and I collapsed in it as soon as we got to the campsite. After about an hour that was too hot, so I went in the RV and took a nap under the wonderful air conditioner for another hour before finally getting a shower and some dinner.

Overall, it was a really fun weekend. It was great to see so many Tri Girls at the race. Zac and I were able to make it a fun weekend of camping with my tri mixed in. And even though it was in the 90s up in the White Mountains, it beat the 105 weekend that Tucson had!

What limited your ability to perform faster:

3500 ft of elevation over what I'm used to, and a hilly bike & run course.

Event comments: puts on a good race! I'm thinking I'll do this race every year. It's worth the drive, great venue, and a lot of fun.

Last updated: 2006-04-17 12:00 AM
00:39:16 | 1640 yards | 02m 23s / 100yards
Age Group: 7/8
Overall: 143/166
Performance: Below average
Suit: Pro Motion Women's Fluid Drive sleeveless
Course: Triangular course in Fool's Hollow Lake.
Start type: Wade Plus:
Water temp: 70F / 21C Current: Low
200M Perf. Below average Remainder: Below average
Breathing: Below average Drafting: Average
Waves: Navigation:
Time: 02:57
Performance: Below average
Cap removal: Good Helmet on/
Suit off:
Wetsuit stuck? No Run with bike: Yes
Jump on bike: No
Getting up to speed:
01:35:36 | 24.85 miles | 15.60 mile/hr
Age Group: 5/8
Overall: 145/166
Wind: None
Course: Old Linden Rd to Hwy 260 to Lone Pine Dam Rd, to Hwy 77 to Deuce of Clubs Rd, to Old Linden back to Fool Hollow Rec area.
Road: Rough  Cadence:
Turns: Good Cornering: Good
Gear changes: Good Hills: Average
Race pace: Comfortable Drinks: Just right
Time: 01:37
Overall: Below average
Riding w/ feet on shoes
Jumping off bike Bad
Running with bike Below average
Racking bike Average
Shoe and helmet removal Average
01:21:37 | 06.21 miles | 13m 08s  min/mile
Age Group: 8/8
Overall: 151/166
Performance: Average
Course: Trail around the lake, through the campground, out & back down a dirt road, then back through camp down hill and up to main rec area.
Keeping cool Good Drinking Not enough
Post race
Weight change: %
Overall: Average
Mental exertion [1-5] 3
Physical exertion [1-5] 3
Good race? Yes
Course challenge Just right
Organized? Yes
Events on-time? Yes
Lots of volunteers? Yes
Plenty of drinks? Yes
Post race activities: Good
Race evaluation [1-5] 5

2006-06-04 9:28 PM

User image

Tucson, AZ
Subject: Deuces Wild - Olympic

2006-06-04 9:56 PM
in reply to: #442862

User image

Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic
Sounds like you had a great race. I bumped into a guy at Tempe Bike while I was riding on my way to downtown to pedal cab that had done the race and asked me where the airport was. Great job and I bet you are glad you weren't in Phoenix's 110 degrees.
2006-06-04 10:45 PM
in reply to: #442862

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Tucson, Arizona
Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic
Another one down!  Courtney wants me to do this race next year so we can camp too.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  Good race.
2006-06-04 11:29 PM
in reply to: #442908

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Tucson, AZ
Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic

dorkboy - 2006-06-04 7:45 PM

Courtney wants me to do this race next year so we can camp too. 

Definitely!  It's a nice campground...lots of trees, right by the lake, showers & bathrooms, playgrounds for the kids.

Hope to see ya up there next year! 

2006-06-05 1:13 PM
in reply to: #442862

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New Mexico
Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic
Good job at the races. I was cheering for everyone at the start (hope it helped.)
2006-06-05 2:10 PM
in reply to: #443685

User image

Tucson, AZ
Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic

desertsix - 2006-06-05 10:13 AM

I was cheering for everyone at the start (hope it helped.)

If only I knew which one was you!    Thanks for the cheers though!

2006-06-05 5:44 PM
in reply to: #442862

User image

New Mexico
Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic
Couldn't miss me...I was wearing shorts, running shoes, a t-shirt....

Forgot to ask... were you able to execute your famed cyclocross mount on the inclined mount line? (could have swore they said they were saying "mountain lion".)

Edited by desertsix 2006-06-05 5:45 PM
2006-06-05 5:55 PM
in reply to: #442862

Orange, Massachusetts
Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic

Great race!  It's always cool having someone yell and cheer for you when you least expect it.  It always motivates me to go faster, if even for only a few minutes!


2006-06-05 6:39 PM
in reply to: #444038

User image

Tucson, AZ
Subject: RE: Deuces Wild - Olympic

desertsix - 2006-06-05 2:44 PM

Forgot to ask... were you able to execute your famed cyclocross mount on the inclined mount line? (could have swore they said they were saying "mountain lion".)

Not this time.  The uphill one was tough.  And I was already gasping for air and clumsy, so I needed to take an extra push-off with my foot to get going.

My husband did almost see a wreck though.  A gal came in with her feet on top of her shoes and did the cyclocross dismount.  But one of her shoes spun around the pedal and hit the ground, launching the bike.  He said she came real close to getting tangled in the bike and falling.  That's why I don't do the shoe thing. 

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