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2012-07-07 11:07 PM

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Northern Virginia
Subject: Farewell, China!

Today was my last day of training in Asia for the time being.  Tomorrow I fly back to America, travel around to see family, and eventually end up in Northern Virginia later this month.  I got in a memorable mountain ride on Saturday with the Beijing Peleton (4,400 foot climb over 47 miles and some beautiful, dramatic scenery) and a nice long run down to Tian'anmen Square and up Wangfujing pedestrian street this morning.  I won't miss the awful air for running, the crowded streets for cycling, or the late pool openings for swimming, but this is where I got into triathlon, and it will always hold a special place in my heart if only for that.  Plus, as an early morning trainer, I will sorely miss the 4:30-5:00am sunrises over the summer!

I'll continue to hang out in the SE Asia forum, and I look forward to seeing how everyone progresses and what races you end up doing.  Thanks for all of the support, especially from Karen, Andrew, Yanti, and everyone else in the region.  Look me up if you find yourself in Washington (DC) or Northern Virginia.

2012-07-12 9:53 PM
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Subject: RE: Farewell, China!

Safe travels and best of luck on your return to the States. I'm sure you'll miss more about living in Asia than what you've written, I know for me the availability of good take away at a reasonable price is something we miss when we are back in Aus.

Keep us up to date on your races and hope to see you somewhere soon

2012-07-13 2:36 AM
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Melon Presser
Subject: RE: Farewell, China!

Goodbye, dear Jeff!

There's a great crew in the VA/MD/DC/DE region though they're a bit scattered over the State and general forums. But great, great BTers and tri scene in general there.

Don't be a stranger!

2012-07-18 11:09 PM
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Eugene, Oregon
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Subject: RE: Farewell, China!

Yi lu shun feng!  Yes, Beijing has a way of growing on a person, despite its hellish reality from an athlete's point of view. I imagine I will feel the same about Saigon when I leave. I remember those 4:30 AM sunrises--I would get up then as my cat wanted to be fed, go running, shower, eat, then go back to bed on weekends (and, in one instance, got up again at 9 and did another run, having totally forgotten the 4:30 one). I called it "the magic hour". Lived out by the Old Summer Palace and had the place almost to myself for running then--just amazing in a city with 14 (?) million people. I would run down the middle of the street to the Palace....because I could. My last day I rode my "Forever" bike from my apt. to leave it with a friend who lived near Temple of Heaven--imagine half of what I saw that day (in 2003) no longer exists. The city is just an amazing front-row seat to history!

I have quite a few relatives in the DC area so who knows, may end up there for a race at some point. Best of luck with the move and future endeavors!

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