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2013-05-05 3:01 PM
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Subject: RE: Mamma Amy Knows Best - Mentor Group Year One - CLOSED

Hello All,

Sorry I've been away for a few weeks. Training, work, and being busy at church just hasn't allowed me time to be very social or at least internet active lately.

Completed my first 1/2 mary on Saturday and it was a great experience. 

This was my FB post to my FB family and friends. It works here as well.

"The weather was great, about 48 or 49 at the start of the race so shorts and shirt were the uniform of the day for me. I started a little faster than my typical 12 min mile pace at 11:30. Held the 11:30 until around mile 4 or 5 and slowly started to slide from that pace. Tells me I started to fast and so I run the numbers in my head and still know I've got my target time in range. My pre-race goal was 2:30 to 2:45. Continuing on through miles 5 to 10 which are essentially an out and back on the same road heading up to Carthage college. Parts of that road were in terrible condition for running, riddled with pot holes and patches so there was allot of attention to the ground and where you put your foot, else the race could be ended early for you. Made it through all that fairly well and started to feel a little pain in my right hip from running on the slope of the road. That left by about mile 11 when the realization that the goal I had set was still clearly within reach. My pace had slipped some more so I was going to have to keep at it to make my goal and keep at it I did.

Just so you know, it feels like mile 11 is the longest of the entire race, like they slipped an extra mile in there just for good measure.

Make it through mile 11 to 12 and still on pace to make the goal. Pressing on I finished strong considering the 13.1 miles with a 2:42:08 and final pace of 12:22/mile. Made my target goal. 

It was a beautiful day for so many reasons.
1. The moment of remembrance and prayer for the people of Boston. Was very moving, had to choke back some tears.
2. The weather was perfect for a run.
3. There was a large number of participants, which always makes the runs more enjoyable.
4. Since this was my first 1/2 marathon that 2:42:08 is a personal record
5. I saw Susie Piehl from church out there and she gave me some cheering and support. Thanks for stopping by Susie.
6. My beautiful wife Sheri Kerr and beautiful daughter Michelle Kerr both improved upon their race time from last year. Great job ladies!
7. It was great to come home and read the support and comments to my post below from my friends.

What could I have done better, I'm not sure. Train more is always a good answer. I felt like my race strategy was ideal. 

Had oatmeal for breakfast around 0515 and then got ready and headed to the race. When I got to the race and parked around 0630 I took an electrolyte tab and used the facilities. Hung around in the starting corrals and waited for go time.

During the run my plan was to take Gu at miles 4 and 8 where there were water stations. I took a second electrolyte tab right before the mile two water/gatorade station and noted on my watch that I was a little faster than I usually run which is not a good thing as I knew it would catch up to me. I pressed on roughly the same 11:30 pace to just before the mile 4 aid station. I took a Gu just enough in advance I could dump my trash and get some fluids going with the Gu so as to help with digestion and to maintain hydration. Same basic strategy between miles 4-6 except I did have to slow my pace just a little as my HR was above where I'm comfortable racing. Took more gatorade and water and the 6 mile aid station. Kept the same strategy 6-8 and took in my Gu just before mile 8 so I again could dump water in on top of it to keep things happy in my tummy. I lost just a little more pace by this point but nothing unintentional or serious. Took in more hydration at mile 10, then more at 12 and ran as best I could at that point to the finish. 

It's given me an entirely new perspective on how challenging a half ironman will be in July. I'm going to take few days to reflect on this performance, see what my body tells me if anything and make my final decision by Friday. At this point I'm really leaning towards keeping it on my schedule. 

Hope you all had good training/race weeks and that you are looking forward to your next. My next race is an easier one that Saturday. It's this coming Saturday a 5K.


2013-05-06 9:57 AM
in reply to: #4544169

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Subject: RE: Mamma Amy Knows Best - Mentor Group Year One - CLOSED

Hi everyone -

I took an unscheduled week of a break from life for the Flu. No fun at all the flu but no stopping it either.

Big stuff has happened here in the meantime. Congrats on the new Baby Scout! That's terrific news.

And excellent job on the half marathon too!

I see we have been moved to the archives section of the board which means that there are new mentor groups starting up but I'll keep checking back here now and then to see what's up.

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