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2013-05-19 10:32 AM

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Williamston, Michigan
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Subject: Nutrition log
Yeah thats so messed up I don't even know where to start.

2013-05-19 8:31 PM
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Indianapolis, Indiana
Subject: RE: Nutrition log
I so feel your pain. Have pretty much been unable to create nutrition entries since Friday when the site became broke. Apparently the site is absolutely against me having spaghetti because it simply will not allow me to log a spaghetti dinner. Started logging nutrition on Once I figure out how it works over there, I will completely move over if BT isn't fixed.

Another thing, have you noticed the new functionality prohibits viewing nutrition data before you select a food? Or, you cannot delete food, you can only delete the entire meal. Seems to me as though there has been a massive step backwards.
2013-05-20 2:33 PM
in reply to: k9car363

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Subject: RE: Nutrition log
Try this now, clear your browser cache and temp internet files.
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