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Subject: Total time in race listings.....
Appears to only include S/B/R and no transition times

2013-05-30 8:37 PM
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Subject: RE: Total time in race listings.....
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BT Development Fixed Bugs » Total time in race listings..... Rss Feed  

Weekly Total

Started by SeminoleTriathlete
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2013-05-29 11:12 AM SeminoleTriathlete

Time of day on Garmin uploads incorrect

Started by jmkizer
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2013-05-25 11:35 AM csharp1171

Race report -- where is the racer's name?

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2013-05-19 11:52 PM Hoos

Race reports - total time

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2013-05-30 8:37 PM Ron

Auto calc issue in race report for run time

Started by jmac5032
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2013-05-27 5:27 PM Ron
date : November 24, 2008
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My surprise was just how much this race was about others - and not just my personal goals.
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Questions and answers on wetsuit swimming, cadence, interval time, paddle benefit, hand entry, runners kick drills, bilateral breathing and race breathing.
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In order to maintain the rest of our life, we also have to become skilled at time management. Here are a few suggestions for getting workouts in when you can.
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Good memories are crucial to your success in the water. Trying to swim laps before you are comfortable in the water is likely to reinforce your anxiety, so avoid the white-knuckle approach.
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The optimal number of times you should weight train is dependant on the time of year, how close you are to your A race, and which training cycle you are in.
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Increasing your energy efficiency even modestly -- from, say, 3% to 4% -- can translate into a 33% improvement in your swimming.
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22 week program taking you from the couch to the finishline.
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Kevin Koskella of gives his introduction on how he became a swim coach.