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Mmt 100 - Run

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Fort valley, Virginia
United States
Total Time = 34h 19m
Overall Rank = 123/198
Age Group =
Age Group Rank = 0/
Event warmup:

No warm up for tis stuff, haha
  • 34h 19m
  • 103.7 miles
  • 03m 01s  min/mile

This was an incredible event. Highs and lows, extremely low lows. I wasn't feeling the run for a while, if at all. Just wasn't doing well way too early. I was moving okay but my mental status wasn't great. Somewhere around 30 miles I started to feel better mentally. Phew! Somewhere around mile 45 is where I thought my wheels were coming off. My stomach was a bit upset and my gels, food, and water weren't appealing to me so I wasn't eating or drinking. Leading into Habron gap aid station at mile 54 where I was to pick up sophorn as a pacer I hadn't eaten or drank anything for 2 hours

Off we went and I was getting deeper and deeper in the hole. For another 3.5 hours I didn't eat or drink another thing. The next aid station was 9 miles out and it was ALL I could think about. I thought that one of two things are going to happen here. I'm either going to keep moving and my stomach would get better or I would keep moving without eating or drinking until my body collapsed on the side of the trail. Buckle or hospital was my mantra for this one.

When I got into the aid station I broke down. Laid on the ground crying, questioning why they would ever put aid stations so far apart (9 miles is pretty standard). I was in desperate need not so much for aid but just to reach a marked point on the course. I was heading into despair. I sat in this aid station for a while and begged for my sister to come out with me. I didn't need a pacer - I needed someone who can handle me. I needed to be dealt with, for sure.

I can't speak of much about the next 15 ish miles as I was a mess. It took all my might to simply grunt to Chrissy. I couldn't produce recognizable words. I had to put on like 4 or 5 layers of tops as i was so cold. It was reminiscent of when I had that brief bout of hypothermia and I couldn't produce words and could physically feel my organs zapping my energy used for unnecessary uses to maintain life. Sounds dramatic but it was that bad. I had begged my sister to let me nap on the side of the trail JUST for five minutes. I made deals with her. I would have offered her a lot of money, too. Too bad for her that I didn't have my wallet on me haha. I know she won't like me saying this but it was hard to fall asleep because she kept rustling leaves while she was pooping. She poops - I nap. :-). Perhaps she will chime in on the comments and add stuff I was not aware of.

As the sun came up things got better. I was able to take my medication for my narcolepsy which helped a ton, I think. I had put coffee in my water bottle and chicken soup in another. I was trying anything to get calories and/or caffeine to get me going.

As my spirits improved I was able to eat some food. I had to still be cautious because my stomach didn't feel that good -just good enough. Chrissy and I moved on and we were doing pretty well. Around mile 85 ish is where I couldn't run those steep downs on the trails anymore. My quads wouldn't do it. I was still climbing very well and we were picking people off on those climbs. Note: Chrissy did very well with all of these climbs. I was impressed with her this weekend.

As we were approaching the last aid station I had another mini breakdown. Chrissy had been telling me that we had plenty of time and I had been arguing that anything can happen so we still needed to try and hustle. Then a new and very painful blister emerged and for one stupid minute while I was taking my sock off to see what was happening I just cried blaming Chrissy that we weren't going to make it. It was pathetic. Just one of those lows. Popped the blister and moved on. Changed shoes at the last aid station and moved on unknowingly accidentally putting my wet sock back on inside out. Oh well.

We had one big long climb left, a rocky long down and then 4 miles of road to the finish. I just couldn't believe I was almost done. It was so tough. We powered up jawbone 2, dealt with painful rocky and steep down (oh and long ) and got on the road. We did a fantastic job here and we both had to dig down deep. This was a rolling 4 miles. Nothing really flat. We ran pretty hard on the downs and power hiked up the hills. It was so tough. Toughest thing ever or me.

Finally saw the finish and ran my ass in.
What would you do differently?:

I'm not sure. I'm happy I got it done and it was hard to do so. I knew this was going to be tough, but DAMN!!! It's freaking ridiculous. Anything can happen out there. I'm unsure why my stomach wasn't working but I think with the help of my crew and my stupid intestinal fortitude I got through it. I can honestly say that even with the ridiculous state I was in at times there was only one time I thought about the idea of me not finishing. I'm getting pretty good at just moving. I know things pass. Bad moments pass. They always do, but I thought without food or water I was done.
Post race
Warm down:

Drank my recovery drink and ate some food. After the last member of animal camp came in we did our push-ups.

What limited your ability to perform faster:

I got some decent long runs in during training but I was lacking in overall mileage. Next time I will change socks more frequently on a wet and/or muddy course.

Event comments:

Can't say enough nice things about the folks at vhtrc. They are fantastic.

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34:19:00 | 103.7 miles | 03m 01s  min/mile
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Overall: 0/198
Course: This course is rocky as hell and there are hills everywhere, mountainous hills.
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2013-05-20 4:55 PM

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Subject: Mmt 100

2013-05-21 7:26 AM
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Subject: RE: Mmt 100
Honestly, this was by far the hardest thing I have ever done and I kinda know what you have done and it has got to be for you as well. During the night I was scared for you for a couple reasons. I did not think you looked well, you were wobbling and not really speaking. I knew you were not eating or drinking. Also I thought that you may be thinking about quitting. I did not think you would but I thought you were thinking it. That was one of the lowest moments I have ever seen anyone in and I am shocked at how it turned around. Awesome work. A few sips of water and gel here and there and yes the 3 VERY short naps. But you are right, you were picking people off of the hills and even on the runnables. The only thing I think we could have done better on was the flat runnables, there is room for improvement for the next race We will have to work on that

You said you were impressed by my climbing, I could not believe I was doing it. I kept saying to myself that I was not going to be the reason you were slowing down. I really think I would have piggy backed your over that creek crossing we were talking about There was some crazy force pushing me forward that I am 100% positive that you understand, considering what you had to go through on this race.

I learned a lot on this pacing run. 1. The night time does end 2. You can pass those bad moments. I thought I had bad moments before and they put me out of races, I am not sure that will happen again to me. Seeing you in that state in the middle of the night and then pushing forward was great and inspiring. 3. There is something inside that can keep you going, I am not sure at what time it shows up but it does and it is awesome.

Great work!

BTW - What am I supose to do while you are sleeping in the middle of the night in the freaking mountains.
2013-05-21 7:30 AM
in reply to: wolchr

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Subject: RE: Mmt 100
Oh that 5 miles that you were in bad bad shape that you cannot remmember was 5 miles of walking/ wobbling and me begging you to just drink. That is all that happened during this time period. It was pretty bad. The lowest of lows man. I am not even sure for the last 3 miles of that section that you even said complete words at all.
2013-05-21 6:55 PM
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Horsham, PA
Subject: RE: Mmt 100
Great race report! First of all, I am so proud of you! You looked pretty bad from the very beginning. After the first aid station, I was worried about you. You didn't look so good. You were not very cooperative and you had a dazed look about you. You stayed like that (and worse) for many, many miles. I kept thinking about your pre-race instructions of not letting you stop, no matter what you said or had wrong with you. It was tough seeing you like that. It was so incredible to witness the twin thing, as Chrissy took on the challenge of keeping you going and getting you to eat and drink. She was amazing! Her focus on you seemed to help her get past her own issues of running at night. Then, suddenly, you started to look better. I knew you had gotten over the hump. You are incredible. I always knew you were a badass, but now I have a better appreciation for your mental fortitude! I am so happy I got to be a part of your experience. It was exhausting, fun and extremely inspiring! Congratulations!
2013-05-21 7:22 PM
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Subject: RE: Mmt 100
Congratulations Carrie. You are one amazing woman.
2013-05-23 11:52 AM
in reply to: wolchr

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Subject: RE: Mmt 100
Epic. Call this one "Twin Peaks," or, "She poops, I sleep."

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