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2013-05-25 1:21 PM

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Kailua, Hawaii
Subject: Heart related problems due to endurance sports?
A friend posted this on FB today, article about heart related issues linked to extreme endurance sports.

Thought it might be an interesting read...

2013-05-25 2:43 PM
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Subject: RE: Heart related problems due to endurance sports?

Thanks for posting. 

Can anyone explain to me why it's the RV that has the overload with "extreme endurance activity"? That's not what I would have expected.  Cardiologists in the house? Here's the original journal article referenced: 

We had a grad student from our department drop dead after a run last week.  Waiting on autopsy results.  Lost another guy (long time runner) three years ago, similar deal.  Both guys were long time runners and very fit.

I haven't ever had a cardiac stress test, but I am thinking I might do this, just for a little peace of mind. 

2013-05-25 3:30 PM
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Subject: RE: Heart related problems due to endurance sports?
Interesting read. I will be forwarding it. My husband has this and has had since what they said was the realitively young age of 50. He isn't an endurance athelte by any stretch but we do think that he has had this since he was young but combined with age and we think catching a flu he ended up in the CCU. We have noticed and been told that it is something that is just checked for more now so the more instances could just be related to knowledge. Of course I do acknowledge that putting that stress on your body might have speed up his finding out. They also call this "holiday heart" which people get from too much "partaking" on vacation. The heart usually goes back to normal on its own.

Although much to the chagrin of the man of the house because of his medication he is banned from the Olympics. And really I wouldn't trust anything coming from the NZ herald (i am from NZ)
2013-05-25 3:31 PM
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Aalborg, Denmark
Subject: RE: Heart related problems due to endurance sports?
The article doesn't seem to conclude anything but "we don't have enough empirical evidence". They're calling for more research, which is great, but so far there's only "might", "probably" etc.

That being said, there's a reason we call it extreme sport. Everyone doing an ironman knows that if you want to be healthy you do 5k 4 times a week. If you want to challenge yourself mentally and physically you do an ironman, or ultra marathon or whatever.

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