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2013-05-31 2:40 PM

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Prairie Village, Kansas
Subject: Local Kona Inspired Athlete
Hey guys and gals,

A friend of mine is submitting a video to WTC to become a Kona Inspired Athlete this year. Her name's Amy, is a PT in Kansas City, and is probably one of the first triathletes I met. Honestly, she is the sole person who pushed me to do my first tri and gave me advice. Last year, she was diagnosed with Lyme's Disease, and is still affected by it. I remember working with her while she was starting to see symptoms, and still think about how scared $h!tless I'd be. Regardless, she still trained and competed, and at a high level.

Here is a link to her video:

Please vote for her! I know her dream is to get to Kona! I believe you just vote at the bottom left hand corner of the video...

And if you'd share it too, I know she'd appreciate it! Let's get someone to represent the Midwest!

2013-05-31 3:03 PM
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Subject: RE: Local Kona Inspired Athlete

Do me a favor, have Amy do a short write up of her situation and email it to me with some pictures I can use to write some articles and spread that way!
2013-05-31 3:44 PM
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Shawnee, KS
Subject: RE: Local Kona Inspired Athlete
done and shared.
2013-06-01 9:16 AM
in reply to: joncolby

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Subject: RE: Local Kona Inspired Athlete
I love stories like this. I'll definitely pass the word on. Very cool
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