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2013-06-03 10:08 AM
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Sarasota, FL
Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"

As triathletes, I think we fall in the "Jack of all Trades and Master of None" category, when we compare ourselves to dedicated cyclists, runners or swimmers.  Logic would seem to indicate that it would be hard for even the most talented triathlete to go head-to-head with someone of equal talent who just focuses on one sport.   

It doesn't particularly bother me, as I am comfortable being mediocre at several things rather than good at one thing (not that I have the actual ability to be 'good' at anything, even if I focused on just one sport). Wink

I feel fortunate to have friends who are accomplished masters swimmers, runners and cyclists.  In my personal experience, I've never felt any animosity from any of them because I'm a triathlete.  In fact, most of them have been helpful with giving me unsolicited help & advice from time to time. 

As far as group rides, I do one or two a year, but generally avoid them.  It's for a combination of reasons:  I enjoy the solitude of solo riding; I like doing my own workout, rather than someone else's; I find group rides to be more fatiguing because of the concentration level you have to maintain in a paceline; I've ridden with some group riders who scared me to death; and I just don't do enough group rides to feel comfortable doing them. 





2013-06-03 10:25 AM
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SF Bay area
Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"

I've started riding 3-4 times a month with a friend who falls in the category of accomplished cyclist, sometimes with one or two more riders.  Prior to this all my riding had been solo, so it has been a learning experience, and I've made all the rookie mistakes but he's been a patient teacher who corrects me with good explanations as to why things are done a certain way.  I'm still guilty, but getting better, of speeding up when I take the pull and staying there too long.  Yesterday was just the two of us so he actually made it a schooling session which was kind of neat.  We were riding at a much faster pace than my solo rides, and as I moved to the pull he'd comment on my pace, and if I went past the 1:30 pull he'd call out.  By the end of the ride, felt pretty good about it.

The other of riding this way is that it does push me out of my comfort zone.  I ride harder, take more challenging routes, attack the hills more aggressively on the way up and way down, and really have realized the importance of nutrition and hydration.  These rides are much closer to race day effort than most and while I would not want to do this for every ride, once a week as a hard ride is making me a better rider - and a more knowledgeable one.  Would I want to ride in a pack of 10-20 though?  That I'm not so sure of.

2013-06-03 10:27 AM
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Vancouver (not Canada) Washington (not D.C.)
Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
That could be but the reality is that if he has a race coming up, he should be getting some solo time trial time in rather than riding with a group for all his training.

Yes, I'm being a snob and judgmental and I'm sure there is an explanation but really... it sends the message that triathletes "buy" speed even to keep up in group rides to the farmers market.
2013-06-03 10:41 AM
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Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
Originally posted by TTom

Yesterday was just the two of us so he actually made it a schooling session which was kind of neat. 

You should buy your buddy a beer. This kind of help is awesome. Next ride with him, let him know you are interested in riding with larger groups (sounds like you might be). Ride two up with him and practice holding your line and get used to someone riding beside you. When you're drafting, try to ride as close as you are comfortable to his wheel. Focus on all movements being predictable to the riders around you.

2013-06-03 10:53 AM
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Indian Hills, CO
Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
Riding in a pack/paceline is all about communications. I don't think you did anything "wrong" and I don't think those guys did either for telling you how the thing works. Next time tell them you're new and maybe they will give you more pointers.
2013-06-03 1:00 PM
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Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
Good post.....I hadn't considering riding in a group of roadies until this last Saturday. I usually ride with 2 or 3 other 'tri' guys but we don't draft off each other for obvious reasons.

Saturday I was on a solo ride and was passed by a group of 8 riders from a local club. Everyone of them said good morning as they passed me. I decided to see how long I could keep with them, 20 yards back or so. It was fun and challenging...I lost them when took of my jacket but caught and passed them when they stopped to do the same. They passed me again as we were nearing the top of the canyon and I ended up in the back of their group. It was fun to watch them working together and they had a positive vibe in their group that made it seem enjoyable. they even offered the obligatory 'looking good' as they passed me and I did the same. At the top of the second climb there group had spread out and I had ended up somewhere in the middle. They were waiting for the rest of the group and giving each congrats as each would reach the top and did the same to me. They commented that they were impressed I had done the climb on a TT bike and I told them it was fun to try and keep up with them. Trying to hang with these guys who better riders made it fun and pushed to a level I wouldn't have done solo.......may have to look into finding a group like that to ride with.

It sounds like I would need to know a few of these rules before doing a ride. good info.

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2013-06-03 1:32 PM
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Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
Originally posted by johnyutah5

  • ......may have to look into finding a group like that to ride with.

  • It sounds like I would need to know a few of these rules before doing a ride. good info.

    Another good idea is to contact the ride leader in advance if possible. Find out if the ride is a good fit and if they have any particular habits (if you aren't used to a variety of pacelines, it might be good to know how they handle theirs in advance). It also gives you someone to introduce yourself to when you get there. I think it helps defuse some possible apprehension about a new rider joining the group if you reach out to a ride leader and let them know you want to get it right.

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    2013-06-03 1:38 PM
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    Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"

    Originally posted by tjtryon Great backdoor brag, well worth a congrats...

    Toootal bragger! You are that guy... Tongue out

    2013-06-03 2:58 PM
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    Greenville, SC
    Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
    Originally posted by danimal123

    Originally posted by Clempson

    they complained that you pulled for too long? i typically only get "thank you's" and "great pull" comments when i stay on the front for a while.

    Unless you're the guy in the second position. Much less draft advantage than the folks 8-10 spots back. If everyone's doing fast 2 min pulls, and the guy behind you is a relative newbie he/she's going to suffer a lot if he/she has to sit behind you for 5 min. Of course, they can always break off and go to the back, but generally most groups like it when folks pull for roughly the name amount of time at the front. No biggie, though.

    the groups i ride with typically aren't "no one left behind" so its up the whoever is in front to set the pace or get overtaken and have it set for them. however, if the pace of the group is designated beforehand then i agree with what you have said.
    2013-06-03 4:56 PM
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    Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa.
    Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
    This thread made me laugh.
    Triathletes are not "roadies" or "bikers" or even "swimmers" or "runners". We are triathletes and we do really well at all three disciplines but are not elites in any one category (at least the tri people I hang out with are not).

    My last group ride with the local roadie club was pretty fast and a couple of the guys dropped me. When we finished the ride, the two that dropped me asked me why I couldn't hang. I laughed as I was putting on my running shoes and said "Because I'm going for a 10 mile run. You gonna join me?"


    2013-06-03 7:09 PM
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    Bradenton, Florida
    Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
    Ok, I'm back to offer myself up again for the good of the group. First, while it was a little bit of a backdoor brag, I failed to mention the tailwind during that stretch of the ride. I also feel that I should point out I'm 6'5" and 260 lbs. I don't create a draft, I create a vacuum. I know this by the amount of time I hear the rider behind me freewheeling. I wish there was another guy my size in the group! As for my punishment, I think I got it today. I thought I was meeting a few guys from my normal evening group early because of some scheduling issues but everyone else bailed. So my group ride turned into a solo ride... in the rain! Nasty wind coming off of the Gulf, wet roads, lots of puddles and road spray. Made the 30 mile loop and was soaked, dirty and cold. Does that get me back into good BT standing?

    Thanks for all the comments, I do appreciate everyone's opinion.

    2013-06-03 8:06 PM
    in reply to: cwpeters

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    Mission Viejo,
    Subject: RE: BT Confession: Today I was "That guy"
    Triathlete kicks roadies butts, news at 11:00! Ride your TT bike next time and REALLY em off!
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