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Subject: Switch Aero System: Aero Position AND Road Position on a Single Bike

Hi BT members!

We just launched a brand new triathlon product on Kickstarter that I think would be perfect for a lot of Beginner Triathletes!  It's called the Switch Aero System.  The system has two parts: a set of quick-release aerobars, and a dual position seatpost. They're designed to let beginner and middle-of-the-pack triathletes (like me) get a better aero position on their road bikes, without sacrificing a normal road position. Full disclosure: I'm one of the creators of the product, so I have a personal interest in the project. Here's the link:

Dual-position Seatpost                                                           Quick-Release Aerobars

Dual-Position SeatpostQuick-Release Aerobars

We think the system would be a perfect way for a lot of beginner triathletes to realize the benefits of an aero position without spending a lot of money on a new bike, or having to completely abandon their normal road position. 

I'm interested to hear the "bike evolution" histories of different triathletes. If you have a second to respond briefly to the questions below, it would be a huge help.

Questions for BT members:

Did you started out doing triathlons on a road bike?
Did you ever try to modify your road bike (i.e., clip-on aerobars, Profile FF seatpost, etc.) for a more aero position?
How many races/seasons before you got a tri bike (if applicable)?

If you had both a road position and an aero position available to you, would you switch positions during a race?
How about during training?


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BT Development New Products and Sales! » Switch Aero System: Aero Position AND Road Position on a Single Bike Rss Feed  


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