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2013-06-05 2:25 PM

Subject: Nike+ GPS SportWatch w/ HR monitor during races
Does anyone use the Nike+ GPS SportWatch with the HR monitor during their races? At least not during the swim (have the HR monitor strap on) but then during the bike (can the watch be used as just a HR monitor? I haven't tried or looked into it) and/or during the run?


2013-06-05 3:05 PM
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Apple Valley, Minnesota
Subject: RE: Nike+ GPS SportWatch w/ HR monitor during races
I have, the HRM and watch can be used as just a HRM, you need to turn off the foot pod and GPS. I guess you could use the GPS, but you won't get MPH, and yuou would look like the Usain Bolt with those run times. You would then have to sync the unit again after enabling the foot pod and gps.
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